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Michelle is a freelance content specialist with decades of creative experience working with companies in tech, academia, health care, transportation and logistics, accounting, and retail. Her work runs the gamut from blog writing and case study development to full website content and email campaign creation.

What is a Cyber Center

What is a Cyber Center?

To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a cyber center. A Cyber Center is a virtual or physical platform that offers a set of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence solutions to a specific community. Born from Israeli IDF training methods, education experts, …

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Cybersecurity Criminal Justice

Cyber Security: Criminal Justice for the Digital Age

Criminal justice, as most of us know it, is the system through which crimes and criminals are identified, apprehended, judged, and punished. A traditional criminal justice system is comprised of law enforcement (the front line of defense for the system), the courts, and corrections. When a crime is committed, law enforcement investigates. Once a suspect …

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