Cybint CyberSquad

Gamified cybersecurity education for learning communities & school districts

An Online Playground for Cybersecurity Literacy & Skills

CyberSquad is an interactive, gamified learning environment developed to equip 10-15 year old students with cybersecurity skills and digital literacy.

Developed by educators, CyberSquad makes integrating cyber learning seamless - no set up or previous knowledge required.


Gamified Cyber Activities


Seamless Online Integration




How it Works

CyberSquad students are tasked with saving planet Earth through a fictional, gamified environment that encourages cyber learning and innovative problem-solving.

Through both live and self-paced activities, the online adventure includes 7 fictional planets that introduce students to the following subjects in cybersecurity and more:

  • Cybersecurity and Networks
  • Account Credentials
  • Malwares, Viruses, and Attacks
  • Search Tools
  • Privacy Essentials

Cybersquad is flexible and turnkey, making the application into your existing curricula seamless. Teacher materials and tech support are provided by Cybint.

Why Cybint

Cybint’s CyberSquad Program has recently launched with the mission of delivering cybersecurity skills and fundamentals to kids. Our team includes expertise from cybersecurity military officials, MIT alumni, and industry professionals.

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