Dan Hakimi

Director of Business Development

Dan Hakimi offers Cybint customers the benefit of a 10-year cybersecurity and intelligence career, three of which were spent in the elite intelligence operations unit of the Israeli security forces. After his service in military intelligence, he successfully transitioned to a role with Intel where he worked closely with customers of all sizes and numerous partners around the globe. Dan’s positive and knowledgeable interaction with colleagues, customers and others was instrumental in his success in managing large-scale global projects. Following that success, he devoted several years contributing his time and talents to a number of cybersecurity startups.

Dan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Marketing & Organizational Behavior and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Sociology-Anthropology, both from The Hebrew University. Dan is also a graduate of the prestigious Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program at The Hebrew University which educates exceptional international fellows about advanced technologies.

In his free time, Dan doesn’t turn off his learning gene, as his hobbies including the study of exponential technologies, machine learning, and cybersecurity. He also plays guitar, bouzouki, and other stringed instruments.