Dan Schoepf

Executive Vice President

Dan Schoepf is a sales leader, much-requested speaker, author, and self-professed lifelong learner. He serves as executive vice president at The BARBRI Group companies, including Cybint. Dan is an expert in high-stakes education and testing protocol within areas such as bar exams, nurse license exams, and others. Prior to joining BARBRI, he was president of Prospects to Partners, a consulting firm based in Prairie Village, Kan.

Over the course of Dan’s 30-year career, he has participated in highly recognized training and educational programs including leadership development and sales courses at the Kellogg School of Business, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and many others. Dan is also a frequent keynote speaker at educational conferences and national meetings throughout the United States.

“Green Golf Balls” is his second book following the success of “Sales: America’s Other National Pastime—What Baseball Can Teach Us About Selling.” Dan is crazy enough to have had five kids in college at the same time. In his spare time, he loves climbing mountains and spending time exploring.