What is the Cybint Platform?

Cybint is a military-grade cybersecurity education platform which delivers skills-based training to your organization or educational institution. We take a holistic approach to learning in order to tackle cybersecurity’s two biggest obstacles: the workforce shortage and the human skills gap. Cybint includes role-based learning paths, threat-based activities, emerging technology partners, virtual machine simulations, expert-led live webinar training, and bootcamps to re-skill and upskill learners.

Can individuals buy membership to Cybint?

No, memberships are available for purchase only through our partner organizations and cyber centers. More information to come.

Who is Cybint?

Cybint is a comprehensive education technology platform with a commitment to protecting against emerging cyber threats through training and skills-development. Our approach to combatting cybercrime starts with a foundation of military training and accelerated learning methods.

Cybint was founded as a collaboration of global expertise from team members in the Israeli Defense Forces, United States FBI, and higher education. Learn more about our story, team, and mission on our “About” page.

How do I access the platform?

Once your organization is affiliated with Cybint, you will receive access to login. Once registered, find our login page in the footer or directly, here.

How do I get a demo of the platform?

For access to the Cybint Platform, contact one of our representatives through our “Contact Us” page.

How is the platform beneficial to my organization?

Cybint’s learning paths range from basic cyber literacy to advanced specializations and are continually evaluated and refreshed to ensure they provide the most relevant and timely knowledge amidst a constantly shifting cybercrime landscape. Our focus is not simply on what is, but also on what will be.

In addition to our military-grade learning paths, Cybint is comprehensive, including range simulations, live webinars, threat-based challenges on current events, and emerging technology partners. No matter where your vulnerabilities lie, Cybint has you covered.

What is a learning path?

Cybint learning paths are role-based modules tailored to the user’s skills. Our users don’t always require the same types of training, so we don’t use a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. Our learning paths zero in on the relevant skills needed to drive real results.

How do I get started with Cybint?

Easy! Just contact one of our specialists. For inquiries regarding Cybint education for your Business, School, or Training Center, contact us here.

What are some skills gained in the Cybint Platform?

Cyber literacy, cyber intelligence, SOC analyst, ethical hacking, threat intelligence, malware analysis, forensics, secure coding, and executive compliance, among others are all included in Cybint. 

What learning paths does Cybint offer?

Our paths cover roles in the following: Cybersecurity, C-Suite / Executive, Information Technology, General / Broad Training, Ethical Hacking, Threat Intelligence, and others.

Do the labs prepare me for the CISSP?

Cybint’s content covers the domains of expertise within the areas of the CISSP. However, it is primarily built for the trainee to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities aligned to the NICE framework and not the CISSP.

Do I need to download or install anything to use Cybint?

Cybint’s platform is browser based. You will not need to download or install anything.

Do learners receive certifications or credits from Cybint learning journeys?

Learners will receive a certification of completion upon finishing learning journeys.

Which Internet browsers is Cybint compatible with?

Cybint’s platform is compatible with all internet browsers – as long as they are up to date. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I have access on a mobile device or tablet?

Yes. However, to ensure the best user experience we don’t recommend practicing our hands-on labs on small screen devices.

What do I do if I get stuck on a lab?

Our labs are designed for your success, if you’re stuck, we recommend users go back and review the material before trying again. 

How do I report a problem or provide feedback?

On Cybint’s platform you will see a ‘contact us’ button where you can get in touch with a member of our support team.  Otherwise, reach out directly on our public site here.