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Skills-based training in a virtual machine environment.

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Cyber Security Analyst Lab

The Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) Simu-Lab Suite is the product of extensive military and cyber expertise, unparalleled in the industry. Designed to build the necessary skills for solving real-life cyber incidents, this program allows learners to gain hands-on experience to begin an entry level position as a Cyber Security or Information Security Analyst.

The CSA Lab is comprised of 11 lab scenarios, each based on an authentic cyber incident and includes interactive decision-making, reflection exercises, and virtual machine assessments. Learners can expect to gain both technical and soft skills in cybersecurity, hands-on experience, and on-the-job training.

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Range Training

The Range Simulator is a cutting-edge interactive simulation platform that provides a safe and secure environment to test hands-on skills. The Range simulates network traffic and defense scenarios using cloud-based or on premise solutions.

Learners can expect to sharpen their teamworking skills, get real-time feedback, and improve their cyber capabilities. We recommend Range users have prior experience in cybersecurity or have their CSA from Cybint Solutions.

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