5 Ways to Stay on Top of Cyber Tech Trends

The cyber world is expanding faster than ever before, with technological breakthroughs occurring more often than any one person could count. Keeping up with emerging cyber technology can feel like a daunting task, especially when it comes to distinguishing which trends are fads versus which are here to stay. That said, it is necessary task for both tech and non tech organizations.

Surrendering to the rapid paced cyber-world can result in your organization falling behind the competition, missing opportunities to grow, or remaining vulnerable to evolving cyber threats. Here are some helpful tools for staying on top of cyber tech trends and staying ahead of the game:

1. Know your vulnerabilities

It is necessary to regularly identify your organization’s weaknesses and what technologies are relevant to you. Keeping track of security advisories is an easy way to know if you need to update your technology and prevent your organization from being exploited.

A great resource for this is the Computer Emergency Readiness Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC), which is a searchable database providing timely information on software vulnerabilities.  You can subscribe to their feed as well as search software to evaluate risk.

2. Follow the right news sources

Several sources report on cyber tech trends and threats – it can be hard to choose what to follow. However, setting aside time a few days a week to read up will keep you informed and interested in cyber tech trends as they arise.

Google’s Online Security Blog posts on general cyber industry observations to keep you in the know and is great source of expert information. But don’t fret, reading cyber tech news doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Blogs like Schneier on Security are written by security guru Bruce Schneier with engaging flare and personality. Schneier’s website also has academic articles, essays, and recommended books — you can even sign up for his newsletter to get updates sent straight to your inbox.

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3. Embrace Social Media

Social media may be a controversial news source, but what has made it so popular could make your life easier for keeping up with cyber tech trends. Not only is social media easy-to-use and to the point, but its algorithms are personalized so you see timely content relevant to your interests and engagement. You can even use tools to customize your feed based on user-preferences so that cyber news is shown first.

All you need to do is follow the Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook feeds of leading cyber professionals to receive convenient and digestible information. Who better to identify industry trends than the industry experts themselves? Moreover, social media allows you a window into tech leaders’ personal and professional insights, providing a unique point of view.

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4. Get creative

Keeping up with cyber tech trends doesn’t have to be boring. Research and reading aren’t the only ways to stay up-to-date with the industry – there are plenty of engaging videos, podcasts, and events to throw in the mix for variety.

Cybint’s webinars combine expert advice and insights alongside stimulating visuals to help you critically understand the topic. HAK5 podcasts are instructional and entertaining as they introduce techniques to technologies that could help your organization be on the cutting-edge. Make sure to keep an eye out for events and conferences as well where you can interact with cyber tech experts and gain hands-on understanding about emerging cyber tech trends.

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5. Understand your needs

While keeping up with cyber trends is crucial, it’s important to not fall victim to every new fad. Taking advantage of industry reports and predictions can help you determine what technologies will be revolutionary in the industry and what technologies are all-talk. Additionally, it is essential that you understand what technologies suit your organization’s needs to avoid technological clutter in the workplace.

Cybint can help you do just that. Along with role-based cyber skills training, Cybint’s partners with cyber tech industry innovators to integrate material on emerging technology into its content. We take the heavy lifting out of keeping up with cyber tech trends for you so you can experience new technology in our adaptive learning environment and see what’s right for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you stay ahead of the game. 

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Catherine Fredette

Catherine Fredette is a student at the University of St Andrews, where she has academic research experience investigating cybersecurity and International Law. Catherine is curious and excited to learn more about the cyber world.

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