Live Webinar: Building a Human Firewall with Futureproof Training

Cybersecurity is not just a buzz word for 2019, it’s a critical issue for most companies. Even with an IT and SOC departments, cybercriminals will find a way in – that’s because they don’t go through your network or servers.. they go through your people. It’s estimated that 95% of cyber breaches occur due to human error. When it comes to cyber training, checking the boxes for compliance just doesn’t cut it.

In this webinar, former IDF Cyber Major, Roy Zur, discusses the importance of effective and efficient training, staying up on trends, protecting your assets with intelligence, and having an incident response plan to mitigate threat damage.

Don’t become another hack stat, join us on Thursday, October 24th for a learning session and live Q&A at 11:00 am ET, runtime 45 minutes.

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