Maximizing the ROI of Cybersecurity Employee Training

Today, data breaches and cyber attacks aren’t a matter of “if” but “when,” making cybersecurity employee training a must. While cybersecurity training doesn’t directly generate revenue, it’s important to calculate it as a measurable metric, and ultimately determine the ROI of cybersecurity employee training.

To first measure the ROI of cybersecurity employee training, you’ll have to weigh up the cost of training with the cost of not having any training at all. The cost of cyber-crime can vary between industry and business size, but across the board, the average cost has recently risen to $13 million.

Once you calculate the risk in dollar figures, consider the cost of training, and also any added business benefits, such as having added trust and recognition in your industry by being cybersecure.

Here’s a simplified ROI equation in terms of cybersecurity employee training:

ROI of cybersecurity employee training

In reality, the equation can get a lot more complicated when considering a number of factors and calculating these concepts in a dollar amount. Further, it should be said that not all training is made equal. Doing training just to “check a box” can end up costing a hefty sum while not being effective. It’s important to evaluate training programs based on your organization’s unique needs.

Here’s how to maximize the ROI of your cybersecurity employee training:

Make it engaging

Making training fun might not sound like a concrete way to maximize the ROI of your employee training, but it’s one of the most important factors. If your employees go through a boring basic awareness course, they’re not going to remember much shorty after. In fact, they’ll likely see it as a punishment, and they’ll come to detest training. If that’s the case, your return on cyber training will be quite low, and your organization won’t be any safer for it.

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Instead, choose an interactive training program that engages learners and is user friendly. A training program that incorporates webinars, and virtual simulations can increase retention. Invest in quality training, and you’ll see better results.

Track their progress

If your employees show strengths in one area when it comes to cybersecurity training but are struggling to improve in another area, your training program should reflect this. By tracking employee progress and understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are, you can invest more time and resources in the areas need to be improved, instead of what is already up to standard.

ROI of cybersecurity employee training

Implement Role-Based Training

While there’s a responsibility to be cybersecure in every department (not just IT), not all employees face the same challenges in being cybersecure. Never use a one-size-fits-all training approach. Employees, management, execs, and tech departments all differ in training requirements due to the different natures of their roles and the sensitivity of the data they have access to. The efficiency of a role-based training program can tackle vulnerabilities on all fronts, saving time and money.

For example, C-level executives are often targeted in Business Email Compromise, or “whaling” attacks. Educating executives should focus on tackling the challenges associated with preventing such attacks.

Tackle more than just awareness

At this point, most of us are aware of the severity of cyber-attacks, yet half of Americans still lack cyber-hygiene. Being aware of how to be cyber safe isn’t enough. Knowing isn’t doing. That’s why we focus on connecting theory to real life experience.

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At Cybint, we’ve partnered with some of the best companies in the industry so users can experience and demo emerging technologies. Our platform was designed with an accelerated military approach in mind and our state-of-the-art learning paths provide learners with maximum skill retention in hours, not months. Contact our experts to learn how our approach to cybersecurity can minimize your organization’s risk.

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