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Roy Zur CEO of Cybint

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: How Cybersecurity and Cyber Intelligence are Changing the Legal Profession

By Cynthia Parks | August 23, 2017

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / AUGUST 23, 2017 – As technology is becoming more and more ingrained in the legal practice, security has become […]

cybint cyber intelligence cyber security

ESI and Cyber Certifications Making Moves in a New Era

By Cynthia Parks | August 1, 2017

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / AUGUST 1, 2017 – Choosing certifications and education to invest in continues to be challenging, but worthwhile, for legal […]

Alternative careers for law graduates: financial crime

By Cynthia Parks | June 29, 2017

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Garry Clement — who has seen it all — is consistently impressed by the qualities that those from a […]

Ransomware Cybersecurity

LegalTech News Features Cybint Ransomware Guide

By Cynthia Parks | June 1, 2017

Electronic data is defining the business world, and with its benefits come many threats. Here’s how experts think organizations should protect against ransomware. Given the […]

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