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Alert Name Action Severity Machine Name Time
Malicious document was downloaded on multiple machines Success High ITManager-PC 02:08:24

02:08:24 [**] [File Name: GamesSchedules.Doc] A suspicious exe file was downloaded [Action: Success] [Event Count: 6] [Destination Machine: ITManager-PC, ITAnalystTylor-PC, ITAnalystMonica-PC, ITAnalystChris-PS, ITAnalystAndrea-PC, ITAnalystJade-PC, ITAnalystEli-PC] [**]

Multiple users failed to log into a specific machine Failure Medium FinancialAnalyst-PC 03:42:18

03:42:18 [**] An account failed to log on. [Action: Failure] [Event Count: 10] [Account Name: FinancialAnalyst-PC, BusinessAnalyst] [Account Domain:] [**]

Malicious traffic was blocked Blocked Medium Reservations-PC 04:31:08

04:31:08 [**] The system detected an attempt to establish a connection to a malicious machine. [Action: Block] [Event Count: 50] [Destination Machine: Reservations-PC] [**]

User changed their own password Success Low HRManager-PC 06:35:33

06:35:33 [**] An attempt was made to change a user account's password. [Action: Success] [Event Count: 1] [Account Name: HRManager-PC] [Account Domain:] [**]

Multiple servers shut down Success High ITManager-PC 19:55:03

19:55:03 [**] Primary servers have been shut down successfully. The shutdown of the servers can put the computer at greater risk of network attacks or expose the computer to potential security risks. [Event Count: 20] [**]


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