The Future of Work and Cybersecurity Bootcamps: Everything You Need to Know

The immediate effects of COVID-19 on the workforce are easy to see. Millions lost their jobs, while others shifted to the new lifestyle of remote work overnight. Companies and individuals alike were forced to not only create but also embrace a work from home culture. And while we have learned to adjust to this new normal, it is the long term effects that are more difficult to pinpoint. 

Needless to say, the future of work is uncertain – so how do we prepare the present-day workforce?

At Cybint, we know there is no quick fix to this problem. As learning and development move to the forefront of educators’ minds due to the pandemic, reskilling the workforce has never been more important. Let’s take a deeper look at the future of work and how education can address the needs of the present-day learner and workforce. 

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What is the Future of Work?

And more importantly, where is it heading? The future of work has no single, agreed upon definition. Essentially, it is the expansion and growth of the workforce within the next few years, and how the workforce will look with shifts in technology, digitalization, and a focus on employees’ hard and soft skills.

It should come as no surprise that the future of work evolves with every passing day. If you look at a workplace now versus a workplace from ten years ago, it certainly looks different. But one thing is for sure – in this increasingly digital age, the future of work is relying more on technology and skill.

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The path to a career in the technology world had traditionally been forged with a four-year degree and certification. However, tech giants like Google, Apple, and IBM are doing away with degree requirements. The reality is that the future of work is heading towards a skill over degree mindset. 

With that in mind, how should educational institutions and learning communities accommodate this shift? To answer this question, they must look at the student and job market hand-in-hand. If the job-market is now looking for individuals with career-ready skills, learners will be looking for programs with those skills. In other words, education needs to provide programs that equip and empower its learners with career-ready skills for the growing digital market.

An Increasingly Digital World and Cybersecurity Bootcamps 

Tech skills are future-proof and education alternatives like bootcamps are growing in popularity. We have seen the rise of vocational schools over the past few decades, and now those same tech academies are adopting cybersecurity into their programs. In fact, a record amount of colleges are working to close the skills gap in cyber and tech.

As the future of work evolves in parallel with the digital world, educational institutions must evolve as well. The shift to online learning has not been easy, but it has proven to be doable and essential. The programs that will thrive in this post-pandemic world are the adaptable ones.

So let’s re-hatch what higher ed, training centers, and learning communities should be looking for in a program to keep up in this digital age: 

  1. Provides career-ready skills 
  2. Suited for online learning
  3. Tailored towards in-demand careers
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A cybersecurity bootcamp fits the bill. 

In general, bootcamps are designed to be accelerated programs tailored to a specific trade. A cybersecurity bootcamp can prepare you for the workforce within three to six months. Students learn the hands-on, practical skills that employers are looking for — they get the real-world experience learners need for a successful career.

When we think about online learning, it is important to find a program that can thrive virtually. The Cybint Bootcamp in particular is a blended program that maximizes its online platform. Cybersecurity protects individuals and companies from threats in the digital realm, so the online portion comes naturally. And as cyber threats continue to emerge, it is a staple in the future of work. With ever-green content, a blended platform, and portable technical skills, a cybersecurity bootcamp efficiently prepares learners for a future career. 

For case studies, a deeper examination of educational paths, and how to get started, download our free Ultimate Cybersecurity Bootcamp Guide.

The Cybersecurity Career Landscape

So, why cyber? Well, given the current unemployment situation due to COVID-19, now is the time to get a foot into the world of cybersecurity.

The cybersecurity unemployment rate has sat at zero percent for over a decade. The workforce shortage stands at over 400 million professionals, including over 561,000 open positions in North America alone. According to ISC2, the cybersecurity workforce needs to grow by 145% to close the skills gap.

In this post-pandemic world, cybersecurity has proven to be stable. In 2021, cybersecurity is already set to increase 10% — instead of decline like other fields. 

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If there is a job market looking for students to fill its positions, it is cybersecurity; if education aims to fill the needs of the marketplace, cybersecurity is a great place to start. Imagine having a program designed to fill the workforce shortage in a lucrative, in-demand, and unsaturated marketplace. With the cyber industry projected to triple until 2022, the opportunity for learners is boundless.

Our free Cybersecurity Career Landscape Infographic gives a more detailed breakdown of the career landscape with numbers on employment opportunities, workforce shortage, field growth, cybersecurity salary, and more.

Future-Proof Your Workforce 

At Cybint, our mission is to reskill the workforce and upskill the industry by building a network of partnerships with higher education and vocational schools. The future of work might be uncertain, but Cybint’s commitment to life-long learning is unwavering. 

Whether it be through our Cybersecurity Bootcamp or other cutting edge solutions, we hope to tackle the workforce shortage and close the skills gap with you. To work closely with Cybint and empower your learners with cybersecurity skills, partner with us.

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