what is a cyber center

What is a Cyber Center?

Being proactive when it comes to cyber protection is a must for every organization, regardless of size. And no entity is spared from the potentially devastating effects of cybercrime.

It’s important to have defenses in place to prevent fraud, damage or data breach to the organization as well as its customers, clients, and other stakeholders. To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a cyber center.

The Makings of a Cybersecurity Partnership

Cybint defines the cyber center as a collaboration between industry, education, and government in an effort to provide communities/networks/associations with the necessary education, services, and resources to solve today’s significant cybersecurity skills gap. The need for robust protection against cyber-attacks is great, and the cybersecurity skills gap is a big problem for organizations struggling to protect rapidly expanding systems from a growing range of threats.

Cybint works with private industry, academia, and government entities to help produce a strong, highly trained cadre of cybersecurity professionals. Organizations look to Cybint to be the catalyst for innovative practices and knowledge-skills development and expansion for their students and teams on security protections against threats that may be encountered in the workplace.

Cyber centers can be formed by a school, business, or government branch but most often it is a school or university that reaches out to industry or government to partner. The mutual goal is to enhance the awareness, expand the education, and bolster the capacity of those involved to prevent, investigate, and respond to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

Cybint’s Cyber Center Solution

Organizations from nonprofits to small financial institutions, regional government agencies to major universities, can get a suite of solutions with Cybint to develop a world-class cyber center.

The following solutions and services may be provided when we launch a cyber center with a partner:

✔ Strategic Needs Analysis and Customization

We start with an SNA process with the local partner,and then make adjustments in our training program and solutions to fit the specific needs of the cyber center and its clients.

✔ Deployment and White-label Structure

We provide the cloud solutions and on-premise solutions (if needed) in a white-label structure so it can be aligned with the partner’s brand and vision.

✔ All-level Cyber Solutions

We provide three levels of cyber training solutions that focus on hands-on skills and building capabilities:

  • Level 1 – Cyber Literacy: Cybersecurity training and cyber intelligence literacy and understanding for non-technological audiences, for example: business, finance, and law enforcement.
  • Level 2 – CSA Simulabs: Cyber training and education for entry-level IT and security personnel, for example: security operations center (SOC) analysts and security consultants.
  • Level 3 – Cyber Specializations: Advanced programs to enhance unique highest-level cybersecurity skills such as threat intelligence, ethical hacking, and forensics.
  • Range Simulation: In addition to these three levels, we can provide a platform of Range simulation-as-a-service or on-premise. The range as a service allows for smaller investment upfront than buying a full Range.

✔ Train-the-Trainers

Our solutions are available as an online platform, but can also be delivered in class by trainers. In the case of classroom training, we provide train-the-trainers programs to build skills to ensure your internal team can operate independently using our solutions.

✔ Evergreen and On-going Development

Our product team continually updates and develops new products, and can provide specific updates unique for your center.

✔ Marketing and Sales Support

Together with the local cyber center, we provide a series of webinars with our cyber experts, articles, PR, and events to support local partners in the go-to-market process.

✔ Talent Network

We connect the cyber center to our talent network platform (to be launched at the end of January 2019)  that allows the matching process of trainees and employers in the region. This free, easy-to-use platform adds tremendous value to the training effort.

A collaborative cyber center serves as a hub for cyber intel, best practices, and training. It also can offer such services as analysis and forensics.

Ready to learn more or launch a cyber center in your area? Contact a Cybint representative today to get started or join our free webinar on January 31st at 12:00 pm ET “How To Turn Your Organization Into A Cyber Center” here.