What is a Cyber Center?

To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a Cyber Center. A Cyber Center is a virtual or physical platform that offers a set of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence solutions to a specific community.

Born from Israeli IDF training methods, education experts, and industry veterans comes Cybint’s solution to an increasingly critical cyber workforce shortage. A Cybint Certified Cyber Center blends the accelerated nature of a Bootcamp with the traditional learning style of higher education to make a program that is truly unique. Cyber should be taught as a fully immersive experience that exists both physically and virtually and provides accelerated career training and skills development to future cybersecurity professionals. This partnership-style allows prospective cyber professionals to meet and work with their peers in a communal setting that is both fast-paced and results-driven. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to grow, more and more educators are looking into forming Cyber Centers to supply the growing demand for cybersecurity skills training.

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Cybint’s Certified Center Solution

Okay, so you know what a Cyber Center is but how can you get involved? As we see it, there are two options – build or buy. Cybersecurity is not going anywhere and while AI can help detect threats, the need for problem-solving and incident response will always need a human touch. To that end, educators need to begin including cybersecurity as a career track and not a subset of computer science. The problem? Building and maintaining the curriculum to support it. How does an educator solve this problem? By partnering with an
already existing Cyber Center, kickstarting a cybersecurity training program is a simple and advantageous solution.

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A partnership with Cybint transforms institutions of higher education into powerhouses for learning as Cyber Centers. These centers become a thriving ecosystem for high caliber cyber training, resources, and thought leadership to meet the needs of learners at all levels. Cybint’s centers world-wide have a long-lasting impact that benefits students, industry partners, and educational institutions while encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. When it comes to cybersecurity education, there are many avenues to choose from. From
traditional four-year education, to online certifications – only a Cyber Center blends these learning experiences together to make a truly unique program that paves the way for future cybersecurity professionals.

Ready to learn more about a partnership with Cybint? Contact a Cybint representative today to get started or read our free whitepaper The Ultimate Cyber Center Guide.

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