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To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a cyber center. A Cyber Center is a physical learning center that offers a set of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence solutions to a specific community.

Born from Israeli Defense Forces Cyber Unit training methods comes Cybint’s solution to an increasingly critical cyber workforce shortage. Cybint partners with private industry, academia, and government entities to help produce a strong, highly trained cadre of cybersecurity professionals through the launching regional cyber training and education centers on a global level.

The mutual goal is to enhance awareness, expand education, and bolster the capacity of those involved to prevent, investigate, and respond to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

Since 2018, Cybint has partnered with organizations to launch cyber centers in countries worldwide.

Cyber Center Map

Winnipeg, Canada

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Shreveport, Louisiana, US


Paris, France

Tel Aviv, Israel

Johannesburg, South Africa

Singapore, Asia

Rome, Italy

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