Global Cyber Education Centers


What is a Cyber Center?

A Cybint Cyber Center is a regional training facility with a commitment to professional development in cybersecurity. Based on Cyber Unit 8200-military practices and accelerated learning methodologies, the sole mission of our Cyber Centers is to empower learners to find lasting dream jobs in the fastest-growing field in technology - cybersecurity.

Global Cyber Center Network

Cybint powered Cyber Centers offer advanced cyber education and training to communities worldwide, placing learners with future-proof careers. Find out how you can become a partner.

Cyber Center Map

Winnipeg, Canada

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Shreveport, Louisiana, US


Paris, France

Tel Aviv, Israel

Johannesburg, South Africa

Singapore, Asia

Rome, Italy

Cybint-partnered IACD in South Africa Graduates
Cybint-partnered IACD in South Africa Graduates

Practical Bootcamp Training

Learners are prepared for success when equipped with practical industry expertise and an accelerated bootcamp structure. Designed to train learners without any prior experience in cybersecurity, users are seamlessly trained through a blended learning model that fuses online and in-person education.

Graduates of Cybint’s Bootcamp enter the workforce fully prepared for specialized, high demand entry level roles including:

  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • SOC Operator
  • Cyber-Crime Investigator
  • Cyber Forensics Specialist
  • Incident Analyst


Collaborating with Cybint

When you partner with Cybint, you receive:

  • Military-Grade Bootcamp using a blended learning model that combines online with in-person training. Our bootcamps can be structured for 3 months full-time or 6 months part-time.
  • Train-the-Trainers Program, a 5-day facilitator training session delivered by a Cybint instructor, in which partners will learn how to conduct live Bootcamps and online training
  • Resources in business development, career networking, center marketing assistance, and access to Cybint's field expertise.
  • Future-proof career opportunities for Bootcamp trainees in your community.
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Become a Partner

Ready to learn more or launch a cyber center in your area? Talk with Cybint to find out if your organization is a good fit.