A Cyber Education Company


Cybint is an international cyber education company, providing training, certifications and learning solutions across the cyber security spectrum.

Why Cybint?

At Cybint we believe that protecting our assets, companies and national security, starts with cyber education. That’s why we are dedicated to building the best cyber teams for governments, educating the best cyber experts at universities, and training employees around the world to be aware of cyber threats.

Cybint is a collaboration between military-trained cyber security experts and the education experts at BARBRI. Together, we’ve created programs that address cyber security at the individual level – creating a deep and powerful network of cyber security expertise beyond the typical technical expertise.

Trusted Around the World

Cybint partners with private organizations and government agencies doing business around the world, including the U.S. government and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.


Founder & CEO, Roy Zur

As a former military cyber intelligence officer and practicing attorney, Roy has had a birds-eye view of how cyber criminals operate and how organizations, big and small, are susceptible to intrusions.

For more than a decade, Cybint has been working with governments and international corporations to train their personnel to operate in this increasingly complex digital world. Together with BARBRI, Cybint integrates elite cyber expertise with extensive educational experience, and offers unparalleled cyber solutions to multiple markets worldwide.

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