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Reskilling the workforce, upskilling the industry.

We Future-Proof the Workforce

Cybint is a global cyber education with a commitment to reskilling and upskilling in cybersecurity. We tackle the industry’s two greatest threats: the talent shortage and the skills gap.

Cybersecurity education
Cyber education

It's Time to Bridge the Gap

Which is why Cybint partners with organizations to deliver the current and future workforce with the knowledge and skills to defend against cybercrime.

We Focus on Skills, not Theory

Our programs are designed to the specifications of national frameworks for cybersecurity workforce development including US’ NIST-NICE, Israel's Cyber Directorate, Singapore’s ICT framework, and others.

Cyber security education skills

A Safer Digital World Starts With You

cyber security workforce education


Become a Cyber Center & offer new career opportunities to your community

Blended zero-to-hero Cyber Security Bootcamp

Accelerated method with 97% job placement rate

Skills aligned with NICE and other leading global frameworks

cyber security education for businesses


Role-based training, for the entire organization

One solution for all security education needs

Eliminate your human risk factor with training and progress visibility

Access to blended training
at regional cyber centers

cyber security education for schools


Cyber education programs for students on multiple levels

Hands-on activities and gamified learning

One-of-a-kind Junior Highschool cybersecurity learning platform with higher education solutions coming soon

Developed with Educators

Our Network

Bank of America - Cyber
Capital One - Cyber
Citigroup - Cyber
Duke University - Cyber
JPMorgan Chase - Cyber
Microsoft - Cyber
National Govenors Association - Cyber
Nationwide - Cyber
NTUC LearningHub - Cyber
US Bank - Cyber
US FBI - Cyber


"A fabulous demonstration on the Darkweb, Cybercrime, and Digital Fraud and what it means for businesses. Our employees were thirsty for and engaged by the material."

JPMorgan Chase

US Department of Justice

"Cybint has been a true partner, one that is dedicated to innovation, education, and hands-on learning!"

Louisiana Cyber Center

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