Cybint Solutions provides learning and training solutions across the cyber security spectrum for higher education, companies and government agencies.


At Cybint, we provide customized cyber education and training solutions for the specific needs of your organizations. Our solutions are aligned with the NICE framework and cover cyber education in three levels:

Cyber Education
Cyber Education
Level 1: Cyber Ready

Cyber Literacy Programs for Non-tech

In today’s world understanding the cyber space, is critical in almost every profession. Cybint provides cyber intelligence and security content, including: deep understanding of cybercrimes, terminology, best practices to protect against cyber threats, unique online search techniques and methods to uncover hidden data and much more. The programs address cyber-literacy at the individual level and managerial level – creating a deep and powerful network of cyber security expertise beyond the typical technical expertise.

Level 2: Cyber Resilient

Hands-On Simulator-Labs

The most important attribute of cyber professionals is Hands-On Skills. Cybint provides the CSA Simu-Lab Suite, a set of virtual labs in a simulated environment which allow trainees without a sufficient skill-set in cyber security, to acquire the skills needed to work in cyber security positions. It’s an accelerated program that provides the skills and experience to begin a career as a cyber security professional, without having a security background.

Level 3: Cyber Experts

Advanced Specialized Training

Cyber Security goes beyond the level of incident response, and professionals need to develop expertise in defensive, offensive and intelligence methods of cyber security. Cybint provides advanced curriculum, training and boot-camps in complex topics, such as: Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Pen-Testing, Threat Intelligence and more.

Trusted Around the World

Cybint partners with private organizations and government agencies doing business around the world, including the U.S. government and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.


Why Cybint?

Cybint is an international cyber education leader committed to solve the significant global shortage of cyber security experts and putting an end to the growing threat of cybercrimes, by helping organizations to develop their own cyber security and intelligence capabilities. At Cybint we believe that protecting our assets, companies and national security, starts with cyber education

Cybint is a collaboration between military-trained cyber security experts, cyber industry professionals and the education experts at BARBRI. Together, we’ve created programs that address cyber security at the individual level – creating a deep and powerful network of cyber security expertise beyond the typical technical expertise.

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