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Cybint is a cyber education company from BARBRI that provides assessment, training, and tools to dramatically improve online research, analysis, and security skills for legal and financial businesses.

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Protect Your Data by Empowering Your People

Empowerment starts with preparation. Cybint provides your employees with customizable cyber instruction. Our training and tools, accessible in a personalized dashboard, teach employees how to better protect themselves from cyber threats while showing them how to access “deep web” databases to uncover information critical to your business and clients.

The Cybint Difference

Solving for the Human Factor

Cybint is not an IT solution. It focuses on individual behaviors that may put employees, and your company, at risk. It’s comprised of two independent programs that focus on cyber security and cyber intelligence training. Depending on employee needs, your company can customize training with either or both. Each program has been designed by the cyber security and intelligence experts at Cybint in collaboration with the education professionals at BARBRI.


We capture a baseline assessment of every employee through our online cyber security and intelligence testing.


Based on results from the assessments, we provide insights and training designed to close gaps in online practices for cyber security and cyber intelligence.


Every employee who completes a post-training assessment will earn a Cybint certificate. Your company will also receive a detailed report on every employee’s performance.


We provide each individual access to practical online tools to improve their performance in online practices for cyber security and cyber intelligence.

Over 95% of cyber intrusions occur because of human error.

The biggest threat to your company is not remedied by a software solution. Online criminals exploit the most vulnerable link in your organization – your employees.

While your company may have robust IT protections around your data systems, you can’t control the online practices of the people who access them.

Cybint closes the loop on security by teaching your people how to improve their personal online security practices and by teaching your people how to use more sophisticated online research skills.

Most of your employees are only accessing 5% of the web to gather cyber intelligence.

For financial and legal companies, online research is a critical part of daily operations. Knowing more often equates to gaining an advantage over competitors and protecting your company and clients from unforeseen problems. Our cyber intelligence training will teach your employees how to access the “deep web” and the “dark web”, arming your company with the knowledge you need to stay ahead.

Founder & CEO, Roy Zur

As a former military cyber intelligence officer and practicing attorney, Roy has had a birds-eye view of how cyber criminals operate and how law firms and financial institutions are particularly susceptible to intrusions.

For more than a decade, Cybint has been working with governments and international corporations to train their personnel to operate in this increasingly complex digital world. Together with BARBRI cyber Solutions, Cybint offers the only cyber intelligence training and tools specifically engineered to serve those in the legal and financial industries.

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