Teach Students Cybersecurity Using CyberSquad’s Gamified Learning Platform

How CyberSquad Empowers Students:

CyberSquad is an interactive, gamified learning program developed to equip 6th-10th grade students with cybersecurity skills and digital literacy.



Students will learn best practices in online safety, keeping them protected while navigating cyberspace.



Transform your classroom into a cyber playground where students will enhance their problem-solving skills. 



Introduce students to the growing and in-demand field of cybersecurity and intelligence, opening doors to future careers.

What Your School Receives with CyberSquad:

We want to make sure incorporating a cybersecurity foundation at your school is seamless. In order to deliver on that mission, we have developed CyberSquad to be used even by students without computer or cyber experience and with no set up required by the school. CyberSquad is online-based and incorporates hands-on experiences to keep students engaged. What’s more?

  • Online platform for cyber skills
  • Hands-on classroom activities
  • Full teaching resources
  • Teacher interface for monitoring and reporting
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CyberSquad is brought to you by:

CYBINT is an international cybersecurity education company that puts focus on the human side of cyber by solving the two of security’s greatest challenges: the workforce shortage and the skills gap. Our solutions were developed by a team of military cyber experts, industry professionals, and educators under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration.

CET The Center for Educational Technology (CET) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing education in Israel and beyond. Originally established by the Rothschild Foundation in 1971, today CET is Israel's largest educational organization, funded mainly from its own income-generating programs, projects and cooperative ventures.