Cybint Enterprise Solutions

Role-based cybersecurity training for your entire company

Solutions that Go Beyond Cybersecurity Awareness

We cover more than your typical cybersecurity training. Our solutions provide employees not just with knowledge, but also the practical skills necessary to protect themselves and their organizations.

Designed by industry experts and professional educators, Cybint’s enterprise training is an interactive and continuous learning experience.

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Aligned to NIST


Unique Training Based on Role


Reduces Risky Human Behavior


How It Works

Beyond Awareness Training

Beyond Awareness is built around role-based learning, ensuring maximum efficiency and skill retention.

Our solution provides three learning paths for non-technical employees:

  • Company Wide: Non-technical roles
  • Engineering & IT: Technical employees who are not security-oriented
  • Leadership: Management, C-Level, and Board

Advanced Security Training

We also offer training solutions for security teams comprised of advanced content and hands-on exercises. Contact us to learn more. 

End to End Solution

From seamless integration to real time data reporting, our end-to-end solution provides everything you need for effective security training.


LTI Capabilities & SSO Integrations


Admin Dashboard & Reporting


Browser-Based & User-Friendly


Phishing Simulator


Threat-Based Content Updates


Measurable Risk Reduction

Real-time interactive dashboards give you a bird’s eye view of all employee progress in your organization. Cybint makes it easy for you to manage training ROI all in one-place.

Why Cybint

Cybint’s enterprise solutions launched with the mission of closing the skills gap in cybersecurity on every level. Our team includes expertise from cybersecurity military officials, MIT alumni, and industry professionals.

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