Cybint Essentials Workshop

1-Day Cybersecurity Workshop for Businesses

1-Day, Live,
12 Months of Access
Behavior-Changing Security Training
Turn Your Workforce Into a Shield

Expert-Led Cybersecurity Training

The Cybint Essentials Cybersecurity Workshop is a 1-Day in-person training program designed to tackle human error. Organizations not only receive expert-led cybersecurity training at a Cybint Certified Cyber Center but also receive membership to our online learning platform for one year.

Cybint cybersecurity workshop
Live cybersecurity workshop

Bolster Your Cybersecurity Culture

This isn’t your typical awareness training, but a practical, behavior-modifying learning experience that will turn your workforce into a human shield. Learners will:

  • Get familiar with cyber threats and counter defense tools
  • Learn how to keep accounts and credentials safe
  • Understand how to avoid common, yet dangerous threats and malicious scams
  • Have exposure to all NIST 800-50 topics for security training

Your Workforce is Your Best Defense

Turn your workforce into a human shield by providing your employees with advanced understanding and skills to protect themselves and your organization.

Cybersecurity skills workshop

“We partnered with Cybint to bring our clients the Essentials Workshop which has real hacking demonstrations to show how data can be compromised. It's already helped change user-behavior, making employees less inclined to repeat the same mistakes!”

NTUC Learning Hub
Certified Cyber Center Partner

“My key takeaway from this workshop is that you may have the most up-to-date and state of the art cybersecurity but the one thing that could topple the entire house of cards is the human element.”

Eagle Services Asia
Software Support Engineer

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