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Cybint understands that any mission worth working toward starts with collaboration. Over the years, we have been working across the globe with partners to bring the best cybersecurity learning solutions to their communities.

In addition to our turnkey, cybersecurity education solutions, Cybint partners receive marketing and sales resources, technical support, and a dedicated representative from our team.

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Cybint’s Partners Are Named Some of the Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps of 2021

The Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp is delivered in a blended and online format. Students get the hands-on skills they need to land a job in the fastest-growing tech field: cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity is the fastest growing market in technology with 30x growth over the last decade. The in-demand field provides endless opportunities for organizations such as universities, training centers, and more.

Cybint’s cyber solutions span industries and challenges, tackling cybersecurity’s two greats threats: the workforce shortage and the skills gap. Developed in collaboration with cyber military officials, MIT alumni, and industry experts - Cybint offers effective, quality results.


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“To establish such a partnership with Cybint is a win for everyone involved. Our partnership will have a far-reaching impact that benefits not only our students here at BPCC, but also students, industry partners, and educational institutions across the state of Louisiana.”

Chancellor at BPCC

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Cybint is always looking for partners to join our ever-growing network. With offices in New York City, Tel-Aviv, and Singapore, Cybint’s team is ready to work with you.

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