Tomer Parket

Cyber Education Projects Manager

Think global, think Tomer Parket. Since joining Cybint in 2016, Tomer has combined his formidable cyber knowledge with his equally strong global knowledge of the industry to build the company’s presence around the world. Additionally, Tomer leads efforts to design and develop advanced cyber and intelligence education projects. Tomer’s cyber expertise has its roots in the military, where his skills led to an appointment as an intelligence officer in the Israeli security forces. While there, he was instrumental in the creation of innovative cutting-edge cyber security and intelligence training solutions. He retired as a Captain.

Tomer’s vast experience as an intelligence officer has led him to the understanding that integrating the right methodology and hands-on skills in a company’s training and education programs is the most important ingredient in training the future cyber security workforce. In his free time, Tomer is a soccer enthusiast who enjoys reading, exercising and relaxing on the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv.