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3CS 2019 Cyber

Cybint Solutions Offers 5 Key Takeaways from 2019 Community College Cyber Summit

By Cynthia Parks | August 9, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / AUGUST 7TH, 2019 – Global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions furthered its commitment to enhance the collective level of […]

cybint roy zur interview

Safety Detective Sits Down With Cybint CEO, Roy Zur, to Discuss Cybercrime

By Aviva Zacks | June 14, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / JUNE 14TH, 2019 – When Safety Detective asked Roy Zur—the founder and CEO of Cybint Solutions—what his company is doing […]

Cybersecurity for investment companies

Cybint and Opus Connect Partner to Bring Critical Cybersecurity Expertise to Financial and Investment Institutions

By Cynthia Parks | June 11, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / JUNE 11TH, 2019 – Global cyber education leader, Cybint Solutions, and portfolio and private equity-focused member association Opus Connect, are […]

Louisiana Cyber Center BPCC

Louisiana Governor Launches First-Ever Cyber Security Education Center in the State with Cybint and BPCC

By Cynthia Parks | May 29, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / MAY 16TH, 2019 –  Global cyber education leader, Cybint Solutions, and Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) are once again leading the charge to […]

HPC Cyber Law

HPC Cyber Center Rolls Out Cyber Certifications for the Legal Industry with Cybint

By Cynthia Parks | May 8, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / MAY 8TH, 2019 – Legal industry media, events and education leader, High Performance Counsel and global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions are […]

Using the Dark Web

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Web)

By Cynthia Parks | April 4, 2019

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / APRIL 4TH, 2019 – There’s no need to fear the Dark, says global cyber expert and Cybint SolutionsCEO Roy Zur, the […]

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