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Solving The Cyber Skills Gap Through Education

What's Inside?
  • An in-depth look as to why the skills gap exists
  • Explanations of the current learning models
  • Opportunities for educators looking to shape the next generation of cyber professionals
  • A guide on how to start a successful workforce program
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Solving a Problem Starts with Knowledge

To fix the cyber skills gap and close the workforce shortage, we have to understand why these gaps exist and how they affect us. Our white paper has everything you need to know about the skills over degree mindset, building a successful workforce development program, and preparing the next generation of cyber professionals.

4 Million Open Cyber Positions

Cybersecurity talent is high in demand and educators play an important role in building the future of work. In our whitepaper, we look at the reasons behind the workforce shortage and the solutions to close that cybersecurity skills gap.

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