Cyber Centers of Excellence Grant Program (CCE)


As we move further into a future that relies primarily on cybersecurity to protect core business assets, digital defense skills have been of growing importance – particularly in Higher Education. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology and perhaps the most severely understaffed, with a shortage prediction of 3.5 million professionals by 2021.

Universities are also struggling to see their cyber programs take off as the shortage is weighing down on professors and staff, having to combat a lack of qualified specialized educators and resources. To boost higher education's ability to support learners and nurture a cyber-ready workforce today takes a strong strategy for advancing cyber education. It takes a Cyber Center.

What is a Cyber Center?

Cyber Centers are regional hubs for training to re-skill and up-skill students, professionals, and corporations in cybersecurity. Learn more. In 2018, Cybint launched its Cyber Center Global Network to connect higher-education institutions, industry, and government in a collaborative effort to offer advanced cyber education solutions to the community.

For the first time, Cybint and CyberGym are teaming up to open an elite grant program that will award Universities and Colleges with the tools and programs to become a leading cyber education center at the national level.

Cyber Centers of Excellence Grant

The CCE Grant

At a value of over $500,000, the Cyber Centers of Excellence (CCE) Grant program includes a partnership with two of the industry’s leading cyber training and education providers to open a physical center in your community as well as the following:

  • Cybint’s military-grade Cyber Boot-Camp program
  • Cybint’s advanced online cyber platform for learning, training and simulation
  • CyberGym’s state-of-the-art arena emulating real-time attacks on operational environment and equipment
  • Advanced simulated cyber challenges for every level
  • Live Training for your team
  • Free users for up to 50% of your students
Application Deadline is January 10th, 2020.

Five schools will be rewarded with the full Cyber Center package valued at $500,000.

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Five schools will be rewarded with a partial Cyber Center package valued at $375,000.

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Five schools will be rewarded with a partial Cyber Center package valued at $250,000.

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Cybint is an interactive, military-grade cyber education platform with a comprehensive approach to skills development. Born as a collaboration from the IDF, United States FBI, and higher education, our approach to combatting cybercrime fuses threat-based content, role-specific learning paths and accelerated training methods to maximize retention and minimize risk.

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CyberGym offers an advanced Cyber Training and Technology area that facilitates testing systems, processes, and people against cyberattacks, and preparing learners for responding to and fending off real-time cyberattacks on complex, wide-spread systems and sensitive infrastructures.

Apply Now

Grant applications will be accepted through January 10, 2020 from US-based Universities and Colleges. One application submission is equal to entry for all three grant types, only one tier will be awarded if chosen. For questions, please reach out to

The application has closed.