8 Cybersecurity Quotes to Apply to Your Online Habits

Threat, risks, cybercrime. These are all lurking online and you can be the next victim if you aren’t aware of how to minimize threats. Although daunting, this issue shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you use the internet for business or to handle sensitive information.

However, Cybint wants to make understanding these threats simple using a few of our favorite, fun to read, cybersecurity quotes that you can apply to your online habits.

Cybersecurity Quotes

This talks to the dangers of sharing your password. You wouldn’t show off your intimates to just anyone – so why would you show off your password? Yes, you may not be deliberately sharing it but are you changing it often or at least every 30 days? Especially while surfing on torrent sites, you need to be extra cautious. If your current password is still your default password, then you’re giving those online thefts the key to your account. So make it a habit; change your password often, secure it like how you keep your underwear from being exposed.

Cybersecurity Quotes

With IoT or Internet of Things, hacking is already a no brainer hence, the evolution of hackers. Say someone hacked your account, you will just waste your time if you will search for the culprit and file suit.  You will never catch one.

The key here is prevention. You‘ve got to block every hacking opportunity. So, how are you going to do it? Spend time learning cybersecurity techniques. You don’t need a Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity to understand best practices. That’s what Cybint is for.

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Cybersecurity Quotes

Couldn’t agree more with this. The two go hand in hand. Once you introduced the Internet to your daily activities, security must not be left behind. Otherwise, can expose everything to internet threats. If you have a business that revolves around the internet, make sure you consider building a good security foundation. Investing on security is stabilizing your lifetime business’ ROI. Even the most unlikely entities have been hacked before which means you can be to.

Cybersecurity Quotes

Do not use information that can easily be found when creating a username and password. Unfortunately, we often associate our login credentials to our personal information because it’s easier to remember. Instead, find a unique scheme. If you can, choose a scheme that is only familiar to you and no one else.  The key is to jumble the characters and to stop associating your credentials to your name, birthday, important dates, and your favorite things. It’s a dead give-away to hackers.

Cybersecurity is not a one size fits all set up. There’s no one-stop shop or fixed formula that will solve everything. Cybercrime is continually evolving to disrupt security measures, so your business and methods of prevention should continually evolve as well. Prioritize security, hire the best people, and do not stop learning.

If you think that what you are doing now is enough and that it’s time to relax, then you’re leading your business into bankruptcy.

Cybersecurity Quotes

Ensuring cybersecurity is not just the job of the IT department or a task for the techno-savvy.  In fact, the whole workforce must be exposed and involved in building security measures.  Creating a certain level of awareness for the whole workforce is crucial. Yes, there should be one pillar assigned on top to oversee, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure security.

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Cybersecurity Quotes

If there’s one area where “overreacting” should be the norm, it’s in cybersecurity. Every fear, apprehension, and doubt is suspect to a possible threat. Do not underestimate that tiny fear in your mind. You’ve got to discuss it with the people involved and build a plan on how to combat it when it happens. Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

Cybersecurity Quotes

In today’s fast-paced world, it is impossible that you’re being ignored by hackers. An entity that collects any type of information from people or program, is always the next victim. If your Security Director is telling you to just sit down and relax because you are secured, maybe it’s time to look for new hires.

Wrapping Up

Building up preventive measures through technology, learning, and innovation, is the best way to ensure your business’s security. You may not be able to create bullet-proof, threat-free environment but you can make it buoyant. These quotes will hopefully outline where your priorities should lie when it comes to cybersecurity practices. Do not solely invest in technology and software, invest in your people too. Reach out to Cybint Solutions to learn more about our cyber education solutions today.

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