Cybint Brings Cyber Impact Bootcamp to Over a Dozen US Colleges and Universities to Build Back Better Education

Cybint wraps up 2021 with 18 new community college and university partners as the U.S. administration amps up its legislative push for more cybersecurity education.

CYBINT NEWS / New York / Deccember 23, 2021 — Cybint, the software-as-a-service arm of ThriveDX (TDX), a global digital education giant formerly known as HackerU, announces a major expansion in the U.S. through a series of partnerships with more than a dozen colleges and universities secured throughout 2021. By bringing its cybersecurity bootcamp to learners of all backgrounds and education levels, it has made future-proof digital skills more accessible to the U.S. population amid a larger nation-wide legislative push for a more inclusive and tech-oriented education in the country. Rebranding the bootcamp to Impact in the wake of Cybint’s acquisition by ThriveDX in August 2021, the company showcases its commitment to making a difference for the modern workforce.

Earlier this year, U.S. President Joe Biden named cybersecurity a “core national security challenge”, and his administration has since taken action to invest in training future cybersecurity professionals. The Build Back Better Act intends to bolster underserved communities by investing in community colleges, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and minority-serving institutions (MSIs). If passed, the act will build capacity, modernize research infrastructure, and provide financial aid to low-income students, including a $550 increase in the Pell Grant for more than 5 million students enrolled in public, private, and non-profit colleges. The Act also plans to invest $400 million in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), with $100 million devoted to enhancing cybersecurity awareness, training, and workforce development efforts. “My Administration is marshalling a whole-of-nation effort to confront cyber threats,” President Biden said. As with most such efforts, it will take more than government involvement to achieve meaningful results.

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By partnering with community colleges and universities, TDX, through Cybint, contributes further to cybersecurity workforce development, helping to bridge the lingering skills gap and talent shortage also in underrepresented communities. Its network of partners delivers an award-winning cybersecurity bootcamp online to learners of all levels, introducing them to the core concepts, tools, and skills required for protecting networks and devices. The intensive hands-on training, which taps into a rich interactive exercise library simulating real-life incident response scenarios, arms students with the skills they need to succeed for entry-level jobs in the field, and helps keep cyber jobs in the community.

In 2021, Cybint teamed up with multiple higher education partners across the U.S., including community colleges such as: Loras College, College of Eastern Idaho, Northeast Community College in Nebraska, Lincoln Land Community College, South Arkansas Community College, Manchester Community College, Ozarks Technical Community College, Central Texas College, and more.

“The Lincoln Land Community College’s (LLCC) core mission is to grant its community the knowledge and skills it needs to thrive,” says Brenda Elliott, Director for Work-Based Learning at LLCC. “This makes Cybint’s excellent cybersecurity bootcamp a great addition to our programs, as the field is set to remain in high demand for years to come.”

“Creating impact through cybersecurity education and digital transformation has been our vision since inception,” says Roy Zur, Founder and CEO of Cybint. “The persistent talent gap in the sector renders IT security teams unable to face the threat with enough hands on deck. By partnering with us, excellent education institutions can help mend this gap, while also granting their learners a pathway into a high-paying and in-demand professional field.”

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