From Zero to Hero: How a Lithuanian Veteran Became a Cybersecurity Analyst

Meet Audrius Marcinkevicious. A Lithuanian Military Veteran, LCC Cybint Bootcamp Graduate, and now a Cybersecurity Analyst at BlueBridge!

After 27 years of work at the Lithuanian National Defense System, Audrius was ready to make his next career move. He was in search of the hands-on learning that would start his future career in the cyber field. He had years of experience from his military career, yet minimal IT and cyber knowledge.

However, it did not deter him from entering the cybersecurity field and finding success soon after!

Learning at the LCC Cybint Bootcamp

Audrius said that “The LCC Cybersecurity Bootcamp stood out for the high technological quality of the program. It included virtual machines, network modeling, and situation simulation software.”

The Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp teaches the theoretical knowledge needed and hands-on skills needed, both aligned to the NIST and NICE frameworks, to succeed in the field.

Life After Graduation

Two weeks after graduation, Audrius received a job offer from one of the strongest IT companies in Lithuania. He is now a Cybersecurity Analyst at BlueBridge.

BlueBridge provides IT services and solutions to businesses and government organizations, from cloud computing to infrastructure management. Its Security Operation Services (SOC) provides SOC tool maintenance, cybersecurity analytics, and Security Event Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR) tools. In collaboration with LCC, BlueBridge is offering 2 full time scholarships for Bootcamp participants in the next cohort. After completing the program, the scholarship recipients are guaranteed employments at BlueBridge.

His next goal is to become a SOC Security Analyst and continue his professional development in Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

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