Cybint Solutions’ Bryan Dickens Named to Prestigious Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education Advisory Board

CYBINT NEWS / NEW JERSEY / APRIL 2, 2018 – Bryan Dickens, global head of business development for international cyber education and training leader, and BARBRI Group company Cybint Solutions, has been named to the Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education Advisory Board.

Dickens offers the Board an extensive background and broad expertise in cybersecurity, cyber intelligence and cyber behaviors, combined with experience in the private, government and education sectors.   A former behavioral profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he was instrumental in hundreds of behavioral and psychological profiles that led to the arrest and conviction of some of the most prolific violent offenders over the last 20 years.

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Dickens’ expertise in human behavior was pivotal as he transitioned to a career in the private financial sector where he became entrenched in the world of cybersecurity in its earliest days. His formidable understanding of all aspects of the cyber environment, and his astute ability to analyze business and cyber behavior cemented his reputation as a valued resource in cybersecurity as it impacts the business world.

In his role at Cybint, Dickens is charged with creating integral partnerships between the company and the government, education and business entities who benefit from cyber education and training. He shares Cybint’s commitment to closing the growing gap of cyber expertise in the business world.

“Cyber is no longer just about technology or IT, it is entrenched in every part of a business,” said Dickens. “It is everyone’s responsibility to keep a company secure from cyber intrusion, and that means we all must have cyber literacy, not just awareness.

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“Our goal at Cybint is to collaborate with the education, government and business entities to close the gap between the cyber expertise and literacy we have and what we need. This is a critical skill for the current and future global workforce.”

If you’re interested in connecting with Bryan Dickens, please reach out to him by email: or connect with him on LinkedIn.

About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is a Cyber Education company committed to solving the skills-gap and market shortage in cybersecurity through innovative education and training solutions for all levels of expertise. Cybint integrates emerging cyber technologies, hands-on environments and evergreen content into a cutting-edge learning platform for businesses, higher-education institutions, government agencies and regional cyber centers worldwide. With an eye toward preparing the next generation of cyber experts, Cybint creates a deep and powerful global network of cyber knowledge that goes far beyond typical technical expertise. To further address the critical workforce shortage in the industry, Cybint launched the Cyber Talent Network platform which helps match qualified cyber professionals with employers in their region based on the candidates’ skills and capabilities.

Cybint was founded as a collaboration of military-trained cybersecurity and intelligence experts, industry professionals and well-seasoned educators.

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