Updated: Cybersecurity Bootcamp or College Degree – Why Choose?

When it comes to learning all one can about the professional world of cybersecurity, there’s nothing more valuable than experience and, of course, as much study as possible. Obtaining a degree in cybersecurity is always useful but how can one combine knowledge as well as real-life, hands-on experience? A cybersecurity bootcamp offers both.

Of course, a cybersecurity bootcamp is also ideal for vocational training and workforce education partners who want to engage up-and-comers in on-the-job training so they can get their foot in the door of information technology.

One of the most exciting things about the professional world of cybersecurity (especially for beginners) is that it’s in demand and incredibly lucrative. Cybersecurity is the fastest growing market in technology and, over the last decade, has grown tremendously as an industry (it has increased over 30 times in size). There has also been a 0% unemployment rate and, don’t worry, this isn’t a new fad: it’s been a statistic for nearly ten years. There are countless entry-level opportunities with competitive compensation. With this information at one’s disposal, how could cybersecurity not be a compelling career path?

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The Pros of a Cybersecurity Bootcamp

As with everything, there are pros and cons but, fortunately, a cybersecurity bootcamp offers mostly benefits. So, what are some of the positive outcomes of these bootcamps? They are unique. The Cybint Bootcamp, for example, offers in-demand skills development, real-world based simulations, and an accelerated track to entry-level employment. Not only will it help the student to obtain theoretical knowledge but it will also help build much-needed skills as well as preparation in a dynamic field. Due to the accelerated nature of bootcamps, they are economical and will not drain your bank account.

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Cybersecurity bootcamps also offer preparation for the real world of business and help their students to develop enterprise skills as well as soft skills simultaneously.

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The Cons of a Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The disadvantages—even though they are outnumbered by the advantages—are still something to consider. When it comes to a cybersecurity bootcamp, it’s important to remember that, even though one may be gung-ho about learning a lot at an advanced rate, it is still called a “bootcamp.” Attending a bootcamp doesn’t mean that one obtains a college degree and facing the question of bootcamp vs college is daunting. 

Fortunately, while college degrees are an asset, employers have now opened positions to candidates without degree requirements (as long as proper certifications are acquired).

The Cyber Bootcamp Way

For an exemplary cybersecurity experience, there is an option where foregoing the respected university name and the accelerated career track can come together. Cybint offers a partnership with universities which allows institutions to shape their workforce development track with our Cybint Bootcamp. 

Universities who partner with us supply their students with everything a novice needs upon entering the world of information technology–to get the skills and land the job. Our bootcamp was created with military methodologies, promising to answer the technical and human factor challenges of cybersecurity: the workforce shortage and skills gap. 

The Cybint Bootcamp is a turnkey accelerated program. Not only is it an opportunity for a new revenue channel for universities, but it is also an opportunity to give students exactly what they are looking for: an employment-focused academic program. With the universities and students in mind, especially with COVID-19, we continue to future-proof the workforce – even remotely.

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It’s a good idea to know the statistics as well as options available when it comes to choosing a cybersecurity bootcamp. Bootcamps are actually trumping traditional education and four-year degrees as they guarantee employment with a competitive salary. With a job one loves and a paycheck to match, what isn’t enticing about cybersecurity bootcamps and what they have to offer? At Cybint, traditional education and accelerated learning merge to form a well-balanced and irresistible combination. 

With a Cybint Bootcamp, one is at ease knowing they’re attending a properly accredited educational facility. They can also rest assured knowing that they’ll be provided with career training from a facility with partners world-wide and expanding opportunities for local positions.

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