Cybint Addresses Cybersecurity Skills Gap With NICE Conference Session and Sponsorship

CYBINT NEWS / MIAMI / NOVEMBER 19, 2018 – Global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions, a BARBRI company, reinforced its commitment to helping solve the cyber workforce shortage with a strong presence at the recent National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) 2018 Conference and Expo.

The cybersecurity industry is facing a major workforce shortage with experts predicting roughly 3.5 million unfilled cyber jobs by 2020. Additionally, many higher education institutions are struggling to build their programs and address the right skills. Speaking at a packed session, Cybint CEO, Roy Zurdelivered a relevant and timely presentation, Solving the Skill-Gap in Cybersecurity Through Hands-On Accelerated-Learning, to NICE attendees. The presentation provided audience members with practical advice and information for how they can positively impact the cyber workforce shortage with best-in-class, hands-on learning.

Cybersecurity skills gap

“Our biggest challenge is not in cyber technology,” said Zur. “The weakest link is still the human factor in all aspects. It goes beyond awareness to full literacy. All professionals need to be literate on cyber and the technical employees need to know how to work with it hands on.”

Major themes of the conference included the importance of preparing students quickly for on-the-job skills and the need to better match students and jobs within the industry. There was also considerable discussion around the impact of the cyber talent shortage not only within the cybersecurity industry, but also higher education, as institutions struggle to find experts to teach and instruct students in cyber programs.

“This skills gap is a challenge that goes beyond computer science,” Zur said. “Cybersecurity needs to be integrated within all professions, higher education, business management, government and others.”

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About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is an international cyber education company, providing training, certifications and learning solutions across the cybersecurity and intelligence spectrum. At Cybint we believe that protecting our assets, companies and national security starts with cyber education. That’s why we are dedicated to building the most knowledgeable cyber teams for governments, educating the best cyber experts at universities and colleges, and training employees around the world to be aware of cyber threats.

Cybint is a collaboration between military-trained cybersecurity and intelligence experts and the education experts at BARBRI. Together, we’ve created programs that address cybersecurity and intelligence at the individual level – creating a deep and powerful network of cyber expertise that goes far beyond the typical technical expertise. Learn more at

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