Cybint Bootcamp Product Updates – Q2 2021

JavaScript Practice

Additional hands-on practice writing in JavaScript to improve coding skills. This will help learners understand how to detect attacks relying on JavaScript. 

JavaScript Lab

New hands-on lab which teaches learners about cross site scripting, one of the most common web application attacks. 


Learners now have the option to complete advanced Challenges in Bootcamp labs to practice additional skills. For example, in Network Administration unit Running a Network, learners can complete a Challenge in performing configuration of Cisco switches. 

Networking Videos

New and updated videos were added to our Prework module, helping improve learner comprehension of networking and the OSI model, including different network levels, protocols, and ports.

Case Study

We have added case studies to various modules to help provide context and explain future use cases of concepts taught in the course. During a lab on network configurations, we use an example of a university faculty which requires a network administrator to set up and implement VLANs for multiple types of users. 

Commands Cheat Sheet

Downloadable cheat sheets with command guides are now available for learners to keep and refer to whenever they need. These are available in the modules: Network Administration, Prework, Forensics, Ethical Hacking & Incident Response, Network & Application Security.

Group Activities

To encourage brainstorming and nurture teamwork skills, we have added new group activity scenarios which require learners to work together to find answers. Students must work together to understand a SOC teams perspective and discover how analysts would react to various attacks.   

Lab Improvements

Our lab interface has been updated to improve user experience. Learners can now view the estimated time to complete each lab, the relevant tools they will use, and the expected difficulty. A new FastForward feature explains to learners how the skills developed in each lab apply to their future careers in cybersecurity. 

Interactive Content

In our Prework module, we added interactive and explorative experiences for learners to discover the different components inside a computer. 


We added interactive hints to various quizzes to help guide and support learners on more difficult concepts. 

Instructional Design Improvements

We have improved instructional design in various units and modules to optimize the learning experience. This includes leveraging new methods of content delivery, utilizing microlearning, and  creating new visual assets. 

Marketing Team

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