Cybint Solutions Launches Cyber Curriculum and Certifications for Colleges, Universities, Technical Institutions

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / APRIL 12, 2018 – Cybercrime today poses tremendous threats to the nation’s financial markets, undermines public confidence, and costs hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The need for cybersecurity expertise is critical, yet there is a significant shortage of this skill set at all levels.

Against that backdrop, international cyber education and training leader Cybint Solutions, a BARBRI Group company, has unveiled a breadth of cyber education solutions to help solve the shortage. Designed for higher education institutions and their students, Cybint’s offerings encompass all levels of cyber education:

Level One: Cyber Literacy

Cyber has become an important component in non-technological fields of study, such as business, law, criminal justice, finance and others. It is critical for future managers, law enforcers, business professionals and leaders to understand cyber terminology, threats and opportunities. Cybint provides schools with cyber literacy online training, evergreen curriculum, and certificates that can be integrated into non-technical programs. The two leading programs are the Cyber Security Protection (CSPC) and the Cyber Intelligence (CIC) programs.

Cybint Cyber Curriculum

Level Two: Hands-On Simulator-Labs

The most critical component for a career in cybersecurity is hands-on skills. Cybint’s Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) Simu-Lab Suite, the product of extensive military and industry experience, offers advanced practical training in a simulated environment. It provides learners with the skills required to work as a cybersecurity analyst in Security Operation Centers – allowing them to gain the skills and experience to start working in the cyber industry – even without a computer science degree.

Level Three: Advanced Cyber Specializations

Cybersecurity positions include different types of specializations. Cybint’s customized training programs allow higher-ed institutions to train students in advanced specialized topics such as cyber threat intelligence, penetration testing, malware analysis and reverse engineering, and cryptoanalysis. Customizable programs are also available.

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“Many higher education institutions today may not offer the hands-on, ‘real-life’ education necessary to build expertise. That’s where our solutions come in,” said Roy Zur, Cybint CEO and global cybersecurity and intelligence expert. “Ultimately, our goal is to enable colleges and universities to prepare students to enter the business and professional world with a profound level of cyber literacy, or to position them for success in a cybersecurity career.”

About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is a Cyber Education company committed to solving the skills-gap and market shortage in cybersecurity through innovative education and training solutions for all levels of expertise. Cybint integrates emerging cyber technologies, hands-on environments and evergreen content into a cutting-edge learning platform for businesses, higher-education institutions, government agencies and regional cyber centers worldwide. With an eye toward preparing the next generation of cyber experts, Cybint creates a deep and powerful global network of cyber knowledge that goes far beyond typical technical expertise. To further address the critical workforce shortage in the industry, Cybint launched the Cyber Talent Network platform which helps match qualified cyber professionals with employers in their region based on the candidates’ skills and capabilities.

Cybint was founded as a collaboration of military-trained cybersecurity and intelligence experts, industry professionals and well-seasoned educators.

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