Cybint Solutions Launches New York Cyber Education Institute

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 – Global cyber education leader Cybint, a BARBRI company, has reaffirmed its commitment to foster and build cybersecurity and intelligence skills among higher-education institutions, corporations and government agencies with two important initiatives.

The company recently hosted an informal forum at its headquarters in Times Square for professionals in the cyber industries as well as in finance, higher education, legal and other sectors to participate in open, collaborative dialogue on the challenges and opportunities they face. This event also served as the platform for announcing Cybint’s New York Cyber Education Institute (NYCEI), an online resource center designed to equip companies, institutions, professionals and students with relevant cyber education tools, resources, training and information.

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Nadav Zafrir (left), Jessica Robinson (left center), Roy Zur (right center), and Bryan Dickens (right).

The cyber event was kicked off with a view of the Cyber Workforce of the Future, presented by Cybint CEO, Roy Zur, followed by a keynote address from leading cyber expert Nadav Zafrir.

Zafrir, Brigadier General (ret.) and former commander of Unit 8200, Israel’s main cyber & intelligence agency, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Team8, a leading cybersecurity think tank and venture creation company whose mission is to build disruptive cybersecurity companies that enable organizations to gain the advantage over cyber attackers. He spoke at length about looming and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, the need for bolstering the global cybersecurity infrastructure and the lack of cyber professionals equipped with the right skills.

Cybint’s event concluded with an open panel discussion facilitated by Cybint Cyber Education Advisor, former FBI agent and Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education faculty member Bryan Dickens, with participation by Zur, Zafrir and Jessica Robinson, CEO of Purepoint and award-winning author.

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The global lack of cyber skills covered in presentations and the panel discussions served as the impetus for the formation of the NYCEI. The Institute will offer professionals access to white papers, webinars, events and other resources that bolster their cyber knowledge.

“Our commitment to building cyber skills and resources is well-known,” said Zur. “Whether through hosting events such as this, or providing access to white papers and articles written by industry leaders, the NYCEI will offer the resources, training, and education our cyber counterparts need.”

Article originally posted on Market Insider.

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