Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Web)

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / APRIL 4TH, 2019  There’s no need to fear the Dark, says global cyber expert and Cybint SolutionsCEO Roy Zur, the Dark Web, that is.

Zur recently presented a Dark Web and Threat Intelligence Workshop at the thought leadership forum, Dynamic Connections 2019 hosted by General Dynamics, and will host a Threat Intelligence Webinar for professionals, Friday, April 5, 2019, 3:30 p.m. Eastern.  

Zur’s premise is that the Dark Web can be a tool as useful as the Internet browsers we use every day in our work. Here are his five things to know about the Dark Web.

1. Anyone can access the Dark Web, even you

Accessing the Dark Web is a lot easier than you think. There are a few dark web browsers that you can download, just as you would with Google Chrome or Safari, but the most notable of them is Tor. Tor, otherwise known as the ‘Onion Router’ for all of the deep layers of web, allows you to surf the dark web through multiple routing server connections around the world that are encrypted at each step. This allows users to access so-called hidden services underground while maintaining anonymity online.

2. It’s not all bad

So, it’s definitely true that the Dark Web is home to the darkest corners of the earth, including platforms where you can buy illegal goods, launder currency, get fake passports, and even hire killers. However, there’s a much more innocent side of the Dark Web that would surprise most people. There are cookie recipe sites, book recommendations, and communities of people who are simply looking to avoid Internet tracking.

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using the dark web

3. Using the Dark Web won’t give you a virus, but you do need to be safe

Surfing sites on Tor alone shouldn’t cause you alarm, but habits such as having multiple browsers open at once are what lead to trouble. For example, having Tor open while also browsing on websites we use every day means you can throw your anonymity out the window. Information can cross between two browsers through embedded JavaScript code and other ways. You’ll also want to avoid using any credentials or handles that may give away your real-life identity. Remember, Tor is still full of very clever hackers, whether they’re exchanging cookie recipes or not.

4. You may find your data or your company’s

Distasteful as you may find it, doing Dark Web due diligence on yourself or your company is a useful exercise.  It’s important to know what information is out there for sale that could lead to misuse of data and theft. Knowing about your vulnerabilities is just one aspect of threat prevention.

5. Bitcoin is the currency of choice

Bitcoin digital currency offers an anonymous source of payment, which of course makes it attractive to those looking to avoid tracking. With low supply, convenience and impossible to counterfeit, Bitcoin is generally considered to be the most popular digital currency on the Dark Web.

Cybint offers numerous resources to help professionals navigate the world of cyber and its risk and opportunities. Join us for a threat intelligence webinar Friday, April 5, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern.

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