Empowering the Future Workforce: Cybint and SNHU

Over the summer, Cybint partnered with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and launched our remote cybersecurity bootcamp comprised of refugees and displaced learners abroad. Our cohort was created with SNHU’s Global Education Movement (GEM) program and was composed of 17 students who lived in refugee camps and urban areas in South Africa, Kenya, and Rwanda. 

The Cybint Bootcamp is a three-month training program that prepares individuals with little to no cybersecurity experience for an entire cybersecurity career. We are excited and grateful to build these opportunities for learners, especially in a field where the unemployment rate has sat at zero percent

With SNHU Gem, Cybint aimed to empower and educate this great group of students who want to gain financial independence, support their families, and strengthen their refugee communities. 

The SNHU Cybint Bootcamp students doing their lessons on Zoom.

The Cybint Bootcamp Students

Sebakungu Tuyisenge, a teacher in one of the refugee camps in Rwanda, speaks to the life-changing experience the Cybint Bootcamp provided their program: “These skills changed my life because I have potential skills to protect myself, family, country, and world from hackers. With this, my goal after the bootcamp is to get an internship and job in the cyber industry field because it is my passion.” 

The Cybint Bootcamp not only provides the essential skills to pursue a cybersecurity career, but it also fosters the knowledge and confidence to allow students to change their careers entirely. 

Consolee Amina, another student, said, “I was born in Rwanda, where I grew up, and currently live in South Africa. I recently completed my bachelor’s in healthcare management with a concentration in global perspectives from Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently doing the cybersecurity bootcamp with Cybint Solutions…With my BA in healthcare management and thanks to the course of cybersecurity with Cybint Solutions, I started to search for a job in cyberspace because I am dedicated to supporting my community.”

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The Future Workforce

Cybint is proud to work with SNHU and these bootcampers to empower them as learners and future members of the cybersecurity workforce. We will equip more universities with the necessary tools to help their students move forward in their careers. It’s our ultimate goal to reskill the workforce and upskill the industry.

In October, we had the honor of celebrating our SNHU cohort’s completion of the Cybint Bootcamp with their graduation. Check out the video below: 

SNHU GEM Graduation – Cybint Bootcamp from Cybint Solutions on Vimeo.

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