Recorded Webinar: Why Your 2020 Company Priority Should Be Data Protection & Cybersecurity

RECORDED: June 30th at 2:00 PM Jerusalem / As per government directives worldwide, many businesses have shifted to remote working to protect their employees from the threat of COVID-19 whilst continuing to serve clients. However, relying on digital platforms to continue critical business activities and daily operations have left many open to the risk of cyberattacks. There are several measures that business owners should consider in order to prevent hackers from exploiting these uncertain times.

What you can expect to takeaway from the webinar session:

  • Raising employee awareness on new cyber threats cybercriminals are using fake news and phishing
  • Practical tips for protecting against malicious threats and coronavirus-related cyber and privacy attacks
  • Best practices for remote working and online team management
  • Approx 45 minutes of discussion with experts Avishai Ostrin and Roy Zur
  • Followed by live audience Q&A

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Roy Zur Avishai Osterin Webinar

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