From Japan to Israel: Meet Cybint Intern Natsumi Ohara

Cybersecurity is a global necessity. After all, cyber threats and attacks do not discriminate – they target everyone, everywhere, and can happen at any given moment. While that is a scary thought, it is also an opportunity for countries to partner and defend themselves against these threats. Take, for example, a partnership between Israel and Japan – two of the most innovative technology leaders in the world.

As of January 2020, Japan counted almost 117 million internet users, which ranked them 4th in the Asia Pacific region. In 2019, almost 34% of companies were targeted by cyber threats – a number that has only risen because of the pandemic. Of course, Japan is taking steps to combat these cybercrimes. For example, major Japanese security service LAC recently joined forces with Agaroot, a Japanese online education leader, to offer the Cybint Bootcamp in Japan.

At Cybint, we have always been proud of our international team. We value the diverse perspectives we gain from our global partners. They enable us to build educational solutions that fit all shapes and sizes. 

Meet Natsumi Ohara, our Commercial Intern from Japan. She has worked at the Government of Japan since 2014 and is currently studying at Tel Aviv University in Israel for her International M.A. in Security and Diplomacy. Natsumi is currently a part of a study-abroad program sponsored by the Japanese Government, and she is the first student to choose to come to Tel Aviv.

We are highlighting her story as a woman in cyber, whose global experience is helping create a safer digital world.

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meet cybint commercial intern natsumi ohara

Tell us more about your study-abroad program and why Israel was your choice. 

I am studying security and diplomacy at Tel Aviv University. I had been to Israel around 4 years ago with a delegation from the Japanese parliament. Though it was a very short stay, I was strongly attracted to this unique country – its unique history, unique environment, unique policy, and its cyber ecosystem as a result of those. I decided to study here to learn more deeply about Israel, especially about the Israeli way of thinking toward security.

How did you hear about Cybint and what has your experience been like so far?

I was looking for an internship opportunity to experience the real security and business world in Israel. My friend who works at a venture capital fund introduced me to Cybint, which is just starting to enter the Japanese market. Currently, I’m helping the commercial team and engaged in business development, mainly in Japan. There are a lot of learnings for me here, including the culture of Israeli startups.

Cybint is an amazingly warm place. Everyone encourages each other and works hard with joy. It’s my honor to be a member of the Cybint family.

What do you find most interesting about working in cyber?

Cyber is a new challenge for all human beings. It expands the area of security issues to every aspect of our lives. Cybersecurity is a national security issue, business risk issue, and personal privacy and safety issue at the same time. It requires a new way of cooperation between public and private. Also, cyber threats are evolving every day. So there is no absolute goal and we need to make a continuous effort. Though this is a tough challenge, it is definitely rewarding.

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How do you think organizations from different countries, such as Israel and Japan, can work together to create a safer digital world?

Israel and Japan have different strong points from each other. Israel moves fast, changes quickly, and challenges new things creatively. Japan is diligent, cares about details and preciseness, and improves things continuously and patiently. There might be miscommunications at the first point, but we can overcome such things through posture to understand each other and working together. I believe the collaboration of these two very different and unique countries will contribute to making a better cyber world. 

Do you have any advice for women who want to work in cybersecurity?

Do not limit your ability and chance by yourself. Currently, the number of women who work for cybersecurity is not large in Japan, but it means there is still huge potential for women to make good impacts in this area. I hope more and more women will play roles in the field of cybersecurity.

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