High Performance Counsel Media Group and Cybint Solutions Establish Legal Cyber Center of Excellence

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / APRIL 1ST, 2019 – Legal industry media, events and education leader, High Performance Counsel and global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions are taking steps to close the critical global cybersecurity workforce skills gap. The two organizations are partnering to establish an innovative and progressive New York Cyber Center.

The HPC/NY Cyber Center will serve as a region-wide hub for top-tier cyber education, resources and thought leadership, meeting the needs of learners at all levels. Particular focus has been given to the unique cyber awareness and education needs of modern legal, medical and financial services practitioners, and the clients they serve. The HPC/NY Cyber Center will serve as a national hub for legal industry professionals.

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Through the partnership, Cybint Solutions will deliver its comprehensive suite of multi-level cyber education and professional development offerings. Classes range from cyber literacy for non-technical professionals to advanced, hands-on Simu-Labs and cyber range environment for those pursuing a cybersecurity career.

We’re excited at the opportunities we see in the legal landscape and our partnership with High Performance Counsel,” said Roy Zur, Cybint Solutions CEO. “There’s a growing need within this space for hands-on skills and cyber expertise, and with High Performance Counsel, I believe we can make a difference, positioning the practitioners they serve for success and continuing to further our mission of closing the cyber skills gap.”

David Kinnear, Founder & CEO of High Performance Counsel commented: “From inception, the focus of High Performance Counsel has been on the needs of the next ten years in the rapidly-changing legal industry. Cybersecurity is both one of the greatest risks – and greatest opportunities – facing the legal sector and the clients it serves. Cybersecurity literacy is a must-have technical competency in today’s legal world – and a new competitive edge for many.”

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About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is a Cyber Education company committed to solving the skills-gap and market shortage in cybersecurity through innovative education and training solutions for all levels of expertise. Cybint integrates emerging cyber technologies, hands-on environments and evergreen content into a cutting-edge learning platform for businesses, higher-education institutions, government agencies and regional cyber centers worldwide. With an eye toward preparing the next generation of cyber experts, Cybint creates a deep and powerful global network of cyber knowledge that goes far beyond typical technical expertise. To further address the critical workforce shortage in the industry, Cybint launched the Cyber Talent Network platform which helps match qualified cyber professionals with employers in their region based on the candidates’ skills and capabilities.

Cybint was founded as a collaboration of military-trained cybersecurity and intelligence experts, industry professionals and well-seasoned educators.

About High Performance Counsel

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