Recorded Webinar: Close Encounters of a Quantum Kind – Cybersecurity Risks of the Future

RECORDED ON OCTOBER 27, 2020 AT NOON EST / Cryptography underpins our trusted activities and communications over networks. What if that trust can no longer be guaranteed in the post-quantum era. “But how close are we to encountering a quantum threat?” Instead, the question needs to be “is my long-term data secure for the next ten years?”

Modern computing systems are vulnerable to attack and classical encryption is already hard to manage and open to compromise. Regulations increasingly mandate data-centric protection often for long retention periods. Managing this are today’s systems, which are reliant on human intervention, complex infrastructures, and supply chains. This weakness will easily be exploited by a sophisticated hacker and a quantum threat awaits the unprepared. The quantum race is on. Milestones and scientific achievements are being reached at an increasingly fast pace. The next industrial revolution for a better, safer world is imminent. Whether a classical or quantum threat, preparedness with the highest level of security will secure your data into the future, maintaining the expectation of privacy, minimizing risk, and providing the highest security assurance possible.

Cybersecurity Risks
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