Recorded Webinar: Hacking Higher Education – 3 Ways to Attract Students in a Post-COVID World

RECORDED ON NOVEMBER 11, 2020 AT 3PM EST / The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing higher education by highlighting the critical need for in-demand skills training. Prospective students are assessing their academic choices on job market availability and stability. This is most evident in cybersecurity where demand greatly exceeds supply and where an industry certification is feasibly achieved.

This 20 minute webinar led by Dan Schoepf, Higher Education Advisor at Cybint, will offer:  

• 3 key ways to attract students and local workforce into higher education
• How to offer in-demand skills training and address job market needs
• Case Study: Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp & partnering with private industry
• Live Q&A with colleges and universities across the US

Post-COVID Cybersecurity
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