Live Webinar: Inside a Hacker’s Mind – How to Spot the Weakest Link in an Organization

LIVE ON NOVEMBER 18, 2020 AT 1PM SGT / In the modern era of business, cybersecurity has never been a bigger problem than it is now. In order to truly understand your organization’s risk posture, you must understand how hackers think and target vulnerabilities. As we’ve seen in some of the most infamous data breaches, more often than not, the weakest link comes back to the company’s own employees. It’s true – 95% of all cyberattacks involve human error. This means cybersecurity training needs to focus on all employees because hackers see everyone as an equal target.

In this webinar led by Roy Zur, Cybint Founder and CEO, and Aviel Tzarfaty, Former Ethical Hacker, you will learn, first-hand, the strategy behind a cyber-attack and the solution to safeguard your organization. Other takeaways include:

• Understanding of how a hacker thinks and targets an organization
• How to identify your organization’s vulnerable areas and common threats
• Which major company hacks were caused by human error
• Live Q&A with the hosts

Human Error Cybersecurity
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