Recorded Webinar: Why Cybersecurity Skills Training is Your Path to Recession-Proof Career Options

RECORDED: July 9th at 4:00 PM Singapore / The rise of COVID-19 has completely altered our way of life as we know it. Companies and individuals are now learning how to adjust to social distancing and working from home. These new changes have resulted in an influx of cybercrime and have left businesses and individuals open to a new level of vulnerability. With these drastic changes and oncoming economic recession, how can one stay prepared and find a secure career?

What you can expect to take away from this webinar session:

  • Cybint CEO Roy Zur discusses why cybersecurity is more relevant today than any other time in history
  • How you can turn cyber threats into an opportunity to secure a career
  • Why the ‘new normal’ of working in any industry will demand cybersecurity
  • Approx 90 minutes total with the last 15 minutes reserved for audience questions

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