ESI and Cyber Certifications Making Moves in a New Era

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / AUGUST 1, 2017 – Choosing certifications and education to invest in continues to be challenging, but worthwhile, for legal professionals. Here’s a look at two more launching this year.

The third part of this e-discovery and cybersecurity certification series focuses on new certifications about to hit the market (Part 1 and Part 2). Two dominant trends in both industries have driven these organizations to commoditize training for the masses: growing movement to the cloud for discovery and broad corporate demand for security awareness training.

This installment features providers’ plans to launch certification programs in the second half of 2017. Here is what you need to know about EDT Software and Cybint, a BARBRI Cyber Solution, to consider engaging in their education and training.


In the fourth quarter of 2017, EDT, a lesser known but increasingly visible full-life cycle ESI cloud and on premise software provider, will formally launch EDT Academy. The academy will be completely virtual, just like the EDT staff, and will aim to not only train individuals on EDT proprietary technology but also indoctrinate a different approach for managing e-discovery projects.

Jo Sherman, CEO and founder of EDT, believes her platform and certification programs provide clients and professionals “a more efficient and effective approach than most current popular ESI tools can offer.” While EDT has existed for over a decade, adoption is increasing, and the time for an EDT certification program is now.

“The workforce and the job requirements are changing; brick and mortar is not as important anymore. EDT has supported that virtual model globally for years,” Shearman said. “By creating certifications for our tool, we are promoting true best practices by training people to use our software properly, and at the same time giving current and future clients the assurance that EDT Academy graduates meet our standards of excellence.”

EDT Academy will include four certification programs: Certified EDT Case Analyst & Reviewer, Certified EDT Case Manager, Certified EDT Technical Analyst and Certified EDT Site Administrator. Each certification is very compartmentalized, and one certification does not indicate a mastery of all certifications. EDT views each part of the workflow as requiring different skill sets and has tailored their education accordingly.

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The Case Analyst & Reviewer certification is for attorneys and support staff to master early case analysis search functionality, application of metadata filters and keywords, tagging, concept and correspondence analysis. The Case Manager training gives clients the confidence and skills they need to perform project manager activities within the EDT workflow. This includes advanced tasks like setup and management of review teams, allocating batches for review, creation of access control groups and user privileges, configuration of the reviewer interface and other case administration tasks. The Technical Analyst will master the processing of electronic data, import of structured load files, productions and quality assurance activities, while the Site Administer will focus on back-end architecture, installation of tools, management of the entire EDT environment and other systems administration responsibilities.

All training will be interactive, self-guided and paced online with videos and accompanying written collateral. Estimated self-guided training time to successfully master each module varies. For example, the Case Analyst & Reviewer training should take three to five hours, while the administrative training is likely to take two days. Testing will also be online.

There will be some costs associated with the training and testing, but EDT intends to keep the fees minimal so the financial barrier to getting this education will be nominal. EDT will also be giving away multiple free training and certification opportunities through the 2018 TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program.

EDT boasts a large international portfolio of clients and provides talent augmentation virtually. In the future, they intend to do so with certified EDT Academy graduates.

“We want our current and future employees, as well as any contract attorneys or litigation support staff on-site at our clients, to have a resource to self-educate so they can be successful using EDT software,” Sherman said. “Having these certifications also allows professionals who have a great interest in working remotely from home and servicing an international client base a way to validate their knowledge of EDT software to more effectively compete for roles within the EDT ecosystem.”

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Cybint, a BARBRI Cyber Solution

BARBRI, parent company to ACEDS, has recently acquired the exclusive rights to distribute and resell a unique set of cybersecurity training and certifications developed by the Israeli company Cybint. Cybint was founded by former military cyberintelligence officer and practicing attorney Roy Zur with a mission to provide training and intelligence to legal and financial institutions on cybersecurity behavioral awareness.

The first and primary certification from Cybint will be for Security Awareness. This certification will serve as the foundation for all other Cybint certifications and is intended for the masses. The Security Awareness certification can be pursued by anyone within the organizational chart of a company, from a CEO to a secretary and from a document review attorney to a managing partner.

“Companies or employees who want a level of awareness to talk intelligently about the subject of cybersecurity, potential internal threats and ways to encourage change in their behavior and the behavior of others will find the Security Awareness training to be invaluable,” attests Zur. “The target audience for this is not cyber professionals, but rather legal and business professionals looking for the basics.”

Cybint boasts training and curriculum beyond the basic awareness level and will offer these advanced courses through BARBRI. Some of the advanced training programs include learning how to profile social networks, search for hidden data on the web, explore and extract data from the darknet, access and use open source cybersecurity tools and much more.

All training throughout the United States will be handled through BARBRI, giving Cybint the domestic credibility and endorsement of a trusted household name in legal training and education, but also access to the vast resources available through its parent company. Training is delivered through what Zur described as “microlearning or adult learning” methodology and is based on units that are 5 to 10 minutes in length each. Cybint features more than 130 training units.

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Assessment and training is broken down into two distinct areas: Security (awareness) and Intelligence (discovery). There are certificate exams to verify learning or identify areas that require more study. Classroom and on-site in-person advanced training (professional certifications) is available through Cybint and BARBRI at request. Cybint will also be giving away free training and certification opportunities through the 2018 TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program.

Choosing what certifications and education to invest in continues to be challenging for companies and individual professionals in the e-discovery and cybersecurity communities. The options can seem finite to some, but limitless to others. Seven diverse programs were explored in this ESI/Cyber Certification series (ACEDS, kCura’s RCA, the GIAC portfolio, Guidance’s CFSR, ARMA’s IGP, EDT’s Academy and BARBRI’s Cybint), but there are many more to consider as well. For example, ISACA’s portfolio of cyber certifications including the CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor), the CISSP and IConect’s Xera certification are all worthy of consideration as well.

The lesson to learn from all of this talk about certification is simple: Employers invest in those who invest in themselves. Do not wait for your company to get you the education you need to grow and advance professionally. Education is out there, and so is opportunity. Take control of your professional destiny and get certified in areas that help you leverage and validate your existing knowledge and acquire skills that are new.

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