Meet Our Partners: Loras College

Cybint is proud to partner with educational institutions all over the globe to bring learners the skills they need to launch their cybersecurity careers. This past June, Cybint partnered with Loras College to provide cyber training to meet the critical shortage of cyber professionals in Iowa. 

With over 3,200 unfilled positions in cybersecurity and a low number of cyber professionals to step into the role, it is partnerships like these that make an impact on the community. 

Meet Heidi M. Nelson, the Director of Graduate and Continuing Education Programs at Loras College. With the successful launch of Loras College’s first Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp, we had the opportunity to discuss her experience in working with us.

Describe the partnership with Cybint. What aspects of the partnership have been most beneficial in kickstarting your cybersecurity program? 

The partnership with Cybint has been positive since the beginning. Cybint and Loras College have worked together to develop a relationship that benefits both organizations, as well as the students. Cybint provided Loras College with marketing templates and scheduled weekly meetings for question and answer sessions. They have also been willing to share our posts and information with prospective students to help both organizations to gain enrollment. 

Why did Loras College decide to add a cybersecurity program to your school?

Loras College has been looking for ways to increase revenue and enrollment at the college throughout a changing higher education landscape, while also adding programs that are beneficial to prospective students and the community. Loras College values student engagement, active learning, reflective thinking, ethical decision making, and responsible contributions – all of which is accomplished through the cybersecurity program. The cybersecurity program opened the door for an opportunity to create another external partnership and meet a growing need in our region. 

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From what you have heard from students, why have they signed up for the Bootcamp? 

Students have registered for the Bootcamp for professional and personal growth. They are looking to increase their earning potential at their current employment or expand their skill set to move on in their career. Students are eager to dig into the cybersecurity world and learn how to help their companies be more proactive against potential threats. 

Have you spoken to your business partners in the community? What has been the feedback you received regarding the cybersecurity program? Have you identified any needs that the bootcamp provides solutions for?

Businesses in the community and region are excited that this program is moving forward. They are eager to hire our graduates and have already reached out to find out when students will complete the program. Businesses reiterate the need for cybersecurity education in our region and across the country. Furthermore, they know the high quality employee that comes out of Loras College and we anticipate the same quality employee will complete the cybersecurity program. 

How can we encourage students to join future cybersecurity bootcamps? Which marketing initiatives created the most leads into the program?

The biggest and best marketing tool that we have utilized is conducting a brief interview with a local news station. That piece really jump started the interest in the program. From there, we were able to expand on that piece by initiating targeted marketing efforts to our alumni and through social media. Boosted social media posts really support and supplement the news piece, press release, and alumni outreach. Furthermore, our Director of Admission for Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Program is incredibly responsive and works with each student individually to bring them into the Loras family. From start to finish, the marketing efforts and post admission team supports the student and makes them feel like this is the right fit for them. 

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What do you think are the benefits of a program like this?

Cybersecurity is clearly a growing need throughout the world. Cybersecurity training exists in a variety of ways from degree seeking undergraduate and graduate programs to on the job training to professional education programs like Cybint’s cybersecurity bootcamp. This program fills a need of educating people quickly and getting them into the workforce for entry-level positions. All education levels are needed and this program gets our graduates out on the front line of cybersecurity very quickly.

Thank you to Heidi and Loras College for being a great partner. We look forward to seeing where your graduates launch their careers! Learn how you can empower learners with cybersecurity skills. Join Cybint’s Global Partnership Network.

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