Cybersecurity Bootcamp to Be Held at SouthArk

CYBINT NEWS / Arkansas / August 4, 2021 — Cybint, a global cyber-education training company, is partnering with South Arkansas Community College to launch its award-winning cybersecurity bootcamp in Arkansas, with the first cohort set to begin on August 23rd.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson established a special Cyber Advisory Council in mid-June with a stated goal of helping bolster and streamline the state’s cyber defenses. Hutchinson pointed to the recent JBS Foods and Colonial Pipeline hacks as a sign that cybersecurity should be a top priority. An upward trend in cybercrime stats has pressured businesses to pay more attention to cybersecurity. But at the same time, many cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled due to a talent pool deficiency.

According to cybersecurity data collection website CyberSeek, Arkansas alone needs about 1,400 more qualified workers; and a recent study by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium showed that the global cyber talent gap stands at about three million.

SouthArk will run the Cybint Bootcamp for students looking to shift gears in their careers and join the ranks of trained cybersecurity professionals. The four-hour classes will be delivered online two days a week, beginning with the first Bootcamp running through Feb. 14, 2022.

Available as a three-month full-time or a six-month part-time program, the Cybint Bootcamp is designed to guide the students through core cybersecurity concepts and best industry-proven practices. The training is practice-oriented, featuring multiple interactive exercises and hands-on simulations designed to mimic real-life cyber incidents. The Cybint Curriculum is designed to help graduates succeed at entry-level positions in the field.

Cybint’s Bootcamp and Workshops are inspired by military training programs and incorporate industry-proven tools and practices. Since 2014, Cybint has trained more than 10,000 individuals across four continents. Some 97 percent of Cybint Bootcamp Graduates land jobs in cybersecurity shortly after completing the intensive course.

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“The U.S. urgently needs competent and qualified cybersecurity professionals to tackle the soaring cyberattacks,” Cybint CEO and Founder Roy Zur said. “By teaming up with South Arkansas Community College, we help the nation quickly close this talent gap without compromising on education quality. Hackers move fast, and time is a luxury for those looking to keep them at bay, which makes short and intense bootcamps the perfect solution for the problem.”

“We are thrilled to add Cybint’s state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Bootcamp to our continuing education offering,” SouthArk President Dr. Bentley E. Wallace said. “Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses and governments alike in 2021, and yet, the field is severely understaffed. Through our partnership with Cybint, we do not just give our students a pathway into a relevant and highly-coveted field, but also help keep the digital world safe.”

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Cybint is a global cyber education company with a commitment to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity. With innovative and leading-edge education and training solutions, Cybint tackles cybersecurity’s two greatest threats: the talent shortage and the skills gap. The Cybint team includes of military cyber experts, industry professionals, and educators united under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration.
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