Phoenix Cyber Security Education Center Launches with Cybint and Skaled Sandbox

CYBINT NEWS / PHOENIX / FEBRUARY 27, 2019 – Global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions and Skaled Sandbox, a collaborative and comprehensive business, education, and innovation ecosystem, are taking steps to close the global cybersecurity workforce skills gap with the formation of their Phoenix Cyber Center.

The Phoenix Cyber Center will serve as a region-wide hub and ecosystem for top-tier cyber education, public and private community resources, solutions and thought leadership, to meet the needs of learners at all levels.  It will be housed within the Skaled Sandbox downtown Phoenix location, opening Spring 2019. Other collaborators and supporters of the Center include Ariel University Cyber Range, Tel-Aviv University Cyber Range, Cleverdome, Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, Clickable Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship, Bottega, Shift Creative Solutions, Shift Creative Ventures, HPS Law, and StratTech Solutions.

Through the partnership, Cybint Solutions will deliver its comprehensive suite of multi-level cyber education and professional development offerings. Classes range from cyber literacy for non-technical professionals to advanced, hands-on Simu-Labs and cyber range environment for those pursuing a cybersecurity career. Students and professionals will have virtual access to the full array of education and resources in advance of the opening of the physical location. Photo: Bryan Dickens (Cybint SVP), Kyler Kummerle (Skaled Partner), Roy Zur (Cybint CEO).

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Cybint Solutions and Skaled Sandbox will play an active role at the upcoming Phoenix Start-up Week, where they will host a booth and lead a panel discussion focusing on success in the private/public tech ecosystem to improve the community. In addition, through the partnership with the AZ Department of Veterans’ Services, Director Wanda Wrightwill select three U. S. military veterans who are pursuing cyber careers to receive Phoenix Cyber Center educational scholarships.

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“We’re excited at the opportunities we see in the start-up and entrepreneurial landscape, and our partnership with Skaled Sandbox,” said Roy Zur, Cybint Solutions CEO. “There’s great awareness within this space of the need for cyber knowledge and expertise, and with Skaled Sandbox I believe we can make a difference, setting fledgling businesses up for success and continuing to further our mission of closing the skills gap in the cyber world.”

“Partnering with Cybint was an easy choice. The company brings the world-class Israel cyber technology, and adding it to our ecosystem provides a powerful resource to deploy in the state of Arizona. Skaled Sandbox is a turnkey solutions company, with the ability to monitor cyber threats, educate at the highest level, secure data utilizing military grade technology, as well as offer disaster mitigation and recovery solutions,” said Kyle Kummerle, Skaled Sandbox Partner. “We are extremely excited for the ability to create sustainable jobs for the state of Arizona.”

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About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions  is a comprehensive cyber education technology platform with a commitment to protecting against emerging cyber threats through training and skills development. Born as a collaboration of global cyber expertise from the Israeli Defense Forces, United States FBI and higher education, our unmatched approach to combatting cybercrime fuses timely threat-based content, role-specific learning paths and accelerated training methods to maximize retention and minimize risk. A safer digital world starts with Cybint.

About Skaled Sandbox  

Skaled Sandbox facilities include approximately 22,000 square feet between two buildings on 1.2 acres in downtown Phoenix off Indian School and 7th St. Within its secure walls it houses the most relevant in-demand accredited technical and vocational education in a variety of capacities. The building itself houses a 3500 sq/ft fully acoustic sound stage and production facility. A 2500 sq/ft full stack state-of-the-art data center will house Skaled’s partners’ military grade technologies ranging from Cyber Intelligence Monitoring to Mitigation and Disaster Recovery, that are being offered to governments as well as client-facing services. Skaled Sandbox will house an on-premise cyber war range in the next six months. Online remote access is available immediately. The opportunity to use, implement and learn about AI and VR technology will be located on-premises. We have carefully selected companies who are innovating and developing products and services at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

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Skaled Sandbox is community- and economy-driven. Our mission is to greatly impact the local community for good by focusing on reverse engineering relevant education, workforce and economic development, technological innovation, and business venture development. We believe that by bringing technology partners into our ecosystem and the community, providing education and training to prepare people for high-growth, high-paying and sustainable careers, and supporting early-stage technology companies in their growth, we will achieve our mission.

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