Readying the Next-Generation Cybersecurity Workforce

With nearly 3 million cybersecurity positions left unfilled, the need for qualified cybersecurity employees has never been greater. The next-generation of cyber workforce is needed, more than ever, to close the workforce gap and usher in a new wave of experienced cybersecurity employees. But who, or what, is needed to close this gap?

At Cybint, we offer extensive training for future cybersecurity employees and provide them with the skills they need to enter the cyber workforce. In this whitepaper, we explore the core essentials of what is needed to ready the next-generation cyber workforce.

We’ll cover:

  • Why the current learning model hasn’t been effective enough
  • Soft skills and tech skills- how to problem solve for cyber
  • Career bootcamps as an accelerant
  • Teaching cyber skills to younger generations

Download our free Readying the Next-Generation Cyber Workforce whitepaper for insights on how to fully prepare future cybersecurity employees interested in the cyber workforce.

Next Generation Cyber Security Workforce
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