To Upskill the Cybersecurity Workforce, Upgrade Training

For a company to possess trust-worthy and dependable cybersecurity, they must upgrade training for their workforce. Information technology professionals need up-to-date training (just like everyone else) so they are adept at all the latest threats to cybersecurity. Every professional has the tendency to become rusty if they are not constantly learning; it’s up to the institution for which they work to provide proper training. This not only improves the productivity of workers and helps cut down on cybercrime but also boosts morale.

Essential Cybersecurity Skills

According to a Pew Survey, over fifty percent of workers said that they’ll need ongoing cyber workforce training in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands in information technology and cybersecurity.  It’s more important than ever to make sure that employees of cybersecurity companies not only hone their basic skills but are trained in more up-to-date complex issues as well. According to Trend Micro, some of the biggest problems faced in 2018 were business email compromise, ransomware, weak router security and vulnerabilities to hardware and software (among other issues). These are all areas in which it’s essential to be skilled, alert and mindful.

How to Approach Cybersecurity Training

When it comes to cybersecurity workforce training, most employees will probably be responsive and actually appreciate the effort for a company to become better. Employees are considered a weak link when it comes to hacking and phishing because, well, we’re human and error is inevitable. Because of this, companies need to be sympathetic but firm and insist on training for all individuals on every rung of the ladder. Putting effort into proper security training is time well-spent and will help with combating errors down the line.

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Make the Importance of Such Training Clear

Everyone working in IT is aware of new and advanced hacking attempts but it’s crucial that IT leaders emphasize the importance of training and highlight the appropriate security steps in which to take in case of an emergency. All employees must realize just how critically important it is to remain knowledgeable; while security software is beneficial, the employees using said software must understand the significance of data security.

Raise Awareness

Raising awareness about personal security threats may be beneficial to workers. None of us are immune to cyberattacks; we’re all at risk. Cybersecurity affects the employees as individuals, not just the company as a whole. Threats to our data security are constantly changing and becoming more advanced so it’s vital that everyone is aware of the current cyber landscape in order to be prepared.

Include Everyone on the Team

Everyone within a company should be involved in frequent upskilling and training within an organization. It’s always best when a group of people work together so marketing and human resources should make cybersecurity a priority as well as the experts. One of the biggest trends in this industry is that all employees lack certain cybersecurity knowledge and training—this is not just about the information technology experts. For more information on the importance of cybersecurity training and cybercrime, consult Cybint.

Ben Kapon

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