Why Cyber Learning Should Be Continuous

The cybersecurity industry has a secret weapon that you didn’t know you needed: continuous cyber learning. Continuous cyber learning not only promises to increase your organization’s employee and investment value, but also serves to bolster your defenses against even the savviest cybercriminals.

While organizations are well aware that they are facing a global cybersecurity talent gap crisis, what they may not realize is that they are also facing a cybersecurity skills gap crisis – even if they have a certified, gainfully employed team of cyber professionals. According to ESG/ISSA’s annual research report, The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals 2018, 93% of the cybersecurity professionals surveyed agree that they “must keep up with their skills or else the organizations they work for will be at a significant disadvantage against cyber-attackers,” yet, 66% claim that their job demands regularly prevent them from developing new skills.

Evidently, there is a major gap between cyber training needs and training opportunities, and its leaving organizations vulnerable to emerging cyber threats. Here’s why your team should adopt a continuous cyber skills learning strategy:

Prepare for the unexpected

As the cybersecurity industry is constantly adapting to manage cybercriminals’ evolving TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), so are the skills needed to secure your network. Without continuous cyber learning, cyber professionals fall behind and are considerably less effective in as little as 3 months. Hackers’ strategies are constantly growing and changing, shouldn’t your cybersecurity team be too?

Continuous cyber learning allows your employees to develop and update knowledge on the job so they can stay up to date with industry trends. Better yet, cyber professionals with on-the-job training are the highest preforming — regular training and cyber learning equips employees with the ability to quickly identify and effectively deal with incident response cases.

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Cost-effective and Efficient

Did you know a data breach costs companies on average $3.86 million USD? Investing in cyber training can help you avoid suffering the costs of a data breach altogether. Thankfully, expensive certification programs and off-site classroom training are no longer the only – nor ideal – options for cyber learning. While certification programs only hold value until an updated version of the certification is released, classroom training is outdated and ineffective. In contrast, a cloud-based e-learning platform can save your organization time and money with role-based training.

Providing role-based training will both increase productivity and save money spent on triage and incident response. Role-based continuous learning is tailored to job function so that employees receive the relevant training for their roles, guaranteeing that training time is concentrated and efficient.

Cybint’s role-based platform provides consistently updated content and hand-on labs that will ensure your employees are receiving the most valuable training in real time. The best part? Cybint’s micro-modular courses can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Minimum time spent, maximum impact.

Remain Relevant

A highly publicized data breach will not only cost your company millions in damages, but also its reputation. The key to a successful cybersecurity front is to fight cyber-myopia. Buying new, advanced security technologies is an investment many organizations make to try and stay ahead of cyber threats. Yet, without the time or resources to learn how to use them, cyber professionals are often unable to fully comprehend or employ the technologies, and the advantage over cybercriminals is lost. Cyber professionals need to continuously learn new methodologies in order to utilize new technology.

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Your organization should only invest in new technologies if you are willing to also invest in continuous cyber learning. What if you could kill two birds with one stone? Cybint partners with tech industry innovators to integrate content on emerging technologies into its platform, allowing you to invest in new technology, your employees, and your future at the same time.

Continuous cyber learning is essential for protecting your organization in rapid-paced cyberspace. Make the decision to implement continuous cyber training and receive a high return on your investment with continuous added value in security and productivity. Get in touch today to see how Cybint can help your team reap the benefits of continuous learning.

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