Yeshiva University Partners with Cybint to Bring Hands-On Cybersecurity Programs to Students

CYBINT NEWS / NEW YORK / MARCH 26TH, 2019   Global cyber education leader Cybint Solutions is partnering with the Katz School of Science and Health at Yeshiva University, a U.S. News & World Report Top 100 University, to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity experts in New York City.

Through the partnership, Cybint will deliver its state-of-the-art, cyber range and cyber simulations for students pursuing a master’s degree in the university’s new MS in Cybersecurity:

  • The Cyber Range is a cutting-edge interactive simulation platform that provides a safe and secure environment to gain hands-on cyber skills development and capabilities testing. The Range simulates network traffic and defense scenarios using cloud-based or on-premise solutions that can be integrated with your current systems.

  • The Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) Simu-Lab Suite is the result of extensive military and cyber expertise, providing advanced training in a simulated environment on scenarios such as the sophisticated and complicated attack – the Advanced Persistent Threat – with its disastrous potential to affect critical infrastructure.

“One of the keys to closing the cyber workforce skills gap is turning out job-ready professionals,” said Cybint CEO and global cyber expert, Roy Zur. “Our partnership with Yeshiva University’s Katz School will help graduate the next generation of Cyber Scholars in New York City. We applaud the university for incorporating the new cybersecurity degree in its offerings.”

Cybint Solutions partners with Yeshiva University

“We are incredibly excited to work with the team at Cybint to launch a pioneering and unmatched cybersecurity master’s degree taught by practitioners for practitioners,” said Paul Russo, Ph.D., Dean at Yeshiva’s Katz School for Science and Health. “Through Cybint’s groundbreaking cyber range, students have the opportunities to master the know-how to detect, prevent and recover from cyber attacks of all types.”

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“As someone with over 22 years of cybersecurity experience working in some of the largest financial services companies in the world, I can attest that the simulations our students will experience through the CSA Simu-Lab Suite will prepare them for the real-world scenarios they will face as cybersecurity professionals,” said David L. Schwed, J.D., Founding Director of the Cybersecurity program at Yeshiva’s Katz School for Science and Health.

Yeshiva and Cybint will be hosting a breakfast and roundtable discussion designed for cybersecurity professionals and leaders on May 2, 2019 at the school in New York City. Learn more about the event at

The Yeshiva partnership is the latest in Cybint’s ongoing higher education and industry collaborations aimed at establishing regional centers of excellence for leading-edge training and education opportunities for professionals and students.  Cybint has already established centers in Italy, South Africa, Paris, and Indonesia, and has formed strategic partnerships with Skaled Sandbox in PhoenixBooth University College in Canada,  Estrella Mountain Community College, innovative learning platform provider, Odigia, and hotel technology leader, Routier.

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About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is a Cyber Education company committed to solving the skills-gap and market shortage in cybersecurity through innovative education and training solutions for all levels of expertise. Cybint integrates emerging cyber technologies, hands-on environments and evergreen content into a cutting-edge learning platform for businesses, higher-education institutions, government agencies and regional cyber centers worldwide. With an eye toward preparing the next generation of cyber experts, Cybint creates a deep and powerful global network of cyber knowledge that goes far beyond typical technical expertise. To further address the critical workforce shortage in the industry, Cybint launched the Cyber Talent Network platform which helps match qualified cyber professionals with employers in their region based on the candidates’ skills and capabilities.

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Cybint was founded as a collaboration of military-trained cybersecurity and intelligence experts, industry professionals and well-seasoned educators.

About Yeshiva University’s Katz School

The Katz School of Science and Health provides students with the opportunity to further their intellectual and professional pursuits. As part of a US News & World Report Top 100 university, we are committed to delivering a world-class education in Science, Technology, and Health and to connecting students with thought-leaders and employers in New York City and beyond. Our curricula are informed by research and industry to provide graduates with the tools that will serve them long into their careers. Critical to our mission is creating an exemplary student and faculty experience. We are a community of scholars, builders, and leaders dedicated to making an impact in our communities and the world.

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