Cybint, LCC International University is the First University-Bootcamp Partnership for Cyber in Europe

CYBINT NEWS / LITHUANIA / December 16, 2020 Cybint, a global cyber education leader, partners with LCC International University, an American-style university with students from over 50 countries, to launch the Cybint Bootcamp to successfully prepare students and professionals in Lithuania for a cybersecurity career.

There’s a growing demand for cybersecurity training to help defend against a rising number of cyber threats against people, organizations, and governments worldwide. In Europe, the shortage of skilled workers in the industry has more than doubled since the past year, from 142,000 to over 291,000. Cybersecurity education is needed to close the employment gap in the region, and the most efficient way to do so remotely in the post-pandemic world is through Cybint’s Bootcamp.

The Cybint Bootcamp is structured to future-proof workers on a global scale with cyber skills, ensuring they can protect themselves and their organizations from emerging cyber threats. This collaboration with LCC International University is Europe’s first cyber-focused partnership between a university and a bootcamp provider, and the first cyber bootcamp in the region. The 12-week program will be offered as part of the Spring 2021 class with the courses in English.

“Finding ourselves in such high-risk geopolitical surroundings, we as Lithuanians need to put maximum focus and resources on lowering the risk of cyberattacks aimed at our government, our economy, and our general population,” says Tadas Vizgirda, Chairman of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania. “The current lack of cybersecurity talent in Lithuania not only threatens our national security, but can also adversely affect the way we conduct our businesses and our personal lives.”

“We are thrilled to reach a new milestone by partnering with the LCC International University,” says Roy Zur, Founder and CEO of Cybint Solutions. “This university is renowned for its global impact, which aligns with our own mission to fill the cybersecurity workforce shortage worldwide.”

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About Cybint:

Cybint is a global cyber education company with a commitment to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity. With innovative and leading-edge education and training solutions, Cybint tackles cybersecurity’s two greatest threats: the talent shortage and the skills gap. The Cybint team is comprised of military cyber experts, industry professionals, and educators united under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration. For more information, visit

About LCC International University:

LCC International University is a nationally and internationally recognized liberal arts institution in the city of Klaipėda, Lithuania. Established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian and American foundations, LCC has distinguished itself in the region by offering a unique, future-oriented style of education and an interactive academic environment.

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